Accident at Marcoule Nuclear Power Plant in France may be underestimated

After a deadly incident in the French NPP "Marcoule" Environmentalists warn of other dangers in the scene. According to Yannick Rousselet, an expert on the atom from the organization "Greenpeace" in France, the bad thing is that next to the plant for incineration of radioactive wastes, which exploded on Monday furnace produces plutonium.

In the territory of a huge nuclear power plant near Avignon are laboratories, shutdown reactors, furnace for burning radioactive waste, as well as factory, which is a very dangerous mixture of plutonium and uranium MOX.

After the blast furnace on Monday a worker was killed and four others were wounded. The government then announced that there was no danger of a radiation leak exists. Several French politicians — the opposition demanded a more precise information about the explosion at the plant. According to representatives of the Socialist Party, Ségolène Royal, the government, and, in particular, the Ministry of Interior should comprehensively informed of any such incident, "real-time" "and tell the truth about the dangers."

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