Action in Vilnius for the visit of Putin: 6000000000 — into the same trap

In Vilnius Rally and performance in front of the Russian embassy on the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Minsk, which will take place on May 19.

The head of Belarus announced an agreement with Russia on a loan of $ 6 billion. Protesters urged not to give financial assistance to the authorities of the countries that just now on trial prisoners.

"6000000000 — Humanitarian assistance executioners Belarusian people!"" Credit life continues to dictatorship "- posters with such slogans kept the protesters, civil and political representation of Belarus in Lithuania, the campaign" European Belarus "and" For Free Development of Enterprise ", the activists of the" Young Front ", the representatives of the former headquarters presidential candidates A. Sannikov and Vladimir. Neklyaeva.

Participants of the rally handed treatment of the Embassy of Russia to not support the dictatorial regime in Belarus, and in relations with Belarus to take into account "primarily interests of the peoples of both countries, and not its individual members, not recognized by the international community. "

During the campaign a special performance with the old rake had to remind the Russian leadership that give a new loan to the Belarusian authorities — the same as the attack again and again on the same rake.

Along with the treatment of activists handed over to the Russian embassy rake as a reminder that "it is not necessary to step on the same rake."

Organizers of the rally said that on May 19, which marks five months from the date of the December elections, in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Vilnius will be an action of solidarity and a photo exhibition about the events of December 19, during a protest to be signed cards with words of support to political prisoners. Postcards will be sent to those who are now in prison in Belarus.

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