After 10 years and remember the death of Kursk in Belarus

In Russia and in Belarus today remember the tragedy that 10 years ago happened in the Barents Sea. According to the findings of a special commission during the military exercises August 12, 2000 as a result of explosion of a torpedo sank the nuclear submarine "Kursk". 23 of 118 submariners survived until the last hope for help. But in the end neadlazhanyh rescue operations all sailors were killed.

Among the dead and the two Belarussians — senior assistant commander of a submarine captain 2 rank Sergei Dudko and the commander of the military, commander Alexander Sadkov. Both were buried in St. Petersburg.

In Pinsk Street logjam, where he once lived Sergei Dudko and his parents, in 2004, established a memorial plaque. Belarus is the name of a submariner school number 134 in St. Petersburg. By the way, after the tragedy and moved to St. Petersburg native flute.

Alexander cages even though he was born in the Amur region of Russia, but of Belarus wasand his mother. Coincidentally, he died just on the day when his mother was 65 years old.

International media still remember the first reaction of the Russian leadership on the death of the nuclear submarine. In response to a question from journalists — so all happened with the submarine "Kursk"? — The then President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered laconically: "It sank." But why no one helped sailors still alive — no clear explanation to still.


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