Again UFO

A lot of people have heard about it, but few know what it is. Unidentified Flying Object. Similarly stands true, and there really is not a definite answer, which is behind these unidentified objects.

Many people do not believe it, but scientists have every day more and more talk about what these objects really is and some even manage to see them and take pictures of UFOs. So if you have not seen them with my own eyes, it is not necessary to say that UFOs do not exist, people are increasingly beginning to be convinced of the opposite.

Most people say that they have seen UFOs and sometimes they even manage to take it to the camera. Everywhere UFO is slightly different, but based on all the evidence, their appearance is divided into 3 types: daily drives, night lights and so-called "spikes" on the radar screen.

Also note that UFOs can be firm and soft. By solid unidentified flying objects is commonly understood in the disc-shaped objects, triangular, spindle-shaped, egg any flying object, or screws. Screws — a rod-shaped objects, which can be both very short and long. A soft objects — this is a light, fog lights, or simply are any strange glowing objects.

To date, thousands have gathered evidence of the existence of UFOs. In a number of countries have seen a UFO was the military. It is also noted that they are likely to see the aircraft pilots, astronomers, various employees of radar stations, and the last place it witnesses. Many people were able to see a UFO and even fix it at the camera.

Yet no one has yet managed to establish the true cause of their occurrence in our daily lives. Perhaps they want about parity, warn, or vice versa, came to what then-war. Not easy to solve this riddle of our scientists to come.

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