Airbus has tested false thermal targets on transporter A400M

Airbus has tested false thermal targets on transporter A400M
European Airbus aircraft manufacturing concern experienced self-defense system of the new military transport aircraft A400M, reports Flightglobal.
During the tests, the aircraft made multiple shooting infidels thermal purposes, which are designed to protect from the A400M launches anti-aircraft missiles.
Currently, the use of incorrect targets on the A400M is not implemented, it will appear on the transport workers after the introduction of the software version of SOC1.
First, in March 2013 took the first flight of the transporter A400M. This aircraft, received board room MSN7, built in the interests of the French Air Force.
As expected, this freighter will be given by the French military in July this year. By the time the true Airbus already finished all the main tests A400M, including checking aborted takeoff and landing.
Airbus tests conducted on the wrong thermal purposes transporter A400M
A400M development conducted since the beginning of the 2000s. In the financing of the project involved the creation of the aircraft in France, Germany, Spain, England, Turkey, Belgium, Malaysia and Luxembourg. In total, these countries should get 174 new aircraft whose delivery is delayed for more than three years.
A400M completed first test flight December 11, 2009, and mass production is carried out with a freighter in March 2011. A400M, received the title of Grizzly, can reach speeds of up to 790 km per hour to fly a distance of 9.3 thousand kilometers.
The aircraft is designed to transport cargo with a total weight up to 38 tons or 116 soldiers in full regalia. As expected, the first four serial transporter A400M will be transferred to the French Air Force.

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