Aliens are aliens or humans?

Many people have heard about aliens, in addition to this, many of them looked transmission or better yet, spend their entire lives in their study. But what they look like, where they come from, and why, no one can answer. Therefore, this article will try to find out a bit about it.

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Let's start with the first point. Where did they come from? No one knows. All think their house, this distant planet, to which it is very difficult to reach. No, of course you can fly, but it will take a lot of money, involve a lot of minds and time. Therefore, none of this overhaul is not taken. But on the other hand, who decided that they live far away? Can they live with us and has long been a well-masked. Maybe they have long since left his family home and now live quietly with us and seem to be as normal and without wars.

The second point of concern is why they come to us. There are two versions. They are looking for a new home, and our earth is the most suitable site. The second version, this is what they are looking for genetic patterns for mating. The second version, a little foolish, because if they quietly fly in space and visit our land, then certainly bring artificial genetic samples they can without us. And the more we humans are very fragile, so even if they were looking for material for reproduction, it would clearly not us.

The third important point is their appearance. Often on TV scary creatures, small and shriveled. But again the question arises, if they are so smart that cross the great cosmic distances on their UFO, then surely they can not improve their appearance to an attractive appearance. No, that is — that is not the case. And this must also analyze and understand.

Therefore, we leave fiction behind and look forward to present truthful triumph in aliens and UFOs.

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