Aliens from outer space — one of the hypotheses to explain the riddle of black spot

Especially popular this hypothesis was during the craze of "green men". The aliens, according to this version, kidnap ships and aircraft to study earthlings and their lives.

But why aliens are operating it in the Bermuda Triangle, and not elsewhere? On this question the proponents of this hypothesis answer that, apparently, the aliens have established their base in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. By the way, if you want to buy a new airsoft gun — you can do it in a store intrenet

Many argue that the wreckage of missing ships and planes and therefore have not been found that these ships and aircraft are not sunk. They were abducted by unidentified flying objects, so from them, and left no trace.

In confirmation of the correctness of the hypothesis of UFO devotees often lead extracts from documents commissions sea, U.S. Department who conducted the investigation of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. For example, during one of the hearings, someone said of the lost five of American bombers these words: "They're gone, like flew to Mars." Also frequently cited ham message, ostensibly to hear the excited voice on the radio the pilot of one of the "Avengers", "Do not follow me — they look like aliens from outer space."

Versions of aliens from outer space have been further developed and have acquired a variety of interpretations. For example, it was hypothesized that the residents of arid planets, including Mars, fly and pulled out of the ocean water, took a fancy for some reason the Bermuda Triangle. Alien ships create around themselves such strong magnetic fields that incapacitate the passing ships, aircraft and their engines on the nuclear fuel is also a negative impact on ships and aircraft whose route goes through this dysfunctional district.

Continued version of the alien at all like a science fiction movie plot. There is speculation that the inhabitants of other planets want to colonize the planet Earth. To do this, they're under the water column in the Bermuda Triangle dug caves in which established their base. And during the crashes of alien ships with their base and their dives with terrestrial vehicles accidents occur because the UFO create magnetic and other anomalies.

Some ufologists believe that the aliens on the seabed there exist some equipment that transmits signals and serves as a beacon for their ships. This equipment is disrupting navigation devices, distort their testimony, and also has a deleterious effect on the human body.

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