Aliens on Mars, no, but life can be

Green men on Mars, no, but life may well be

People were excited about to find out whether there is life on Mars, even before the first went into space. On why the same earthlings so interested in the red planet, in the studio of the "Morning of Russia" said the chief editor of the magazine "Science in Focus" Yegor Bykovskii.

According to Egor Autograph, talk about manned expeditions to Mars too early. In the next few decades, it is worth examining the planet probes in different locations to find where best to sit down with the ship people.

In addition, at this time photographed less than 0.01% of the surface to understand what's going on, what is the chemical composition of the soil, and where there's water — is unclear. Sense to go there just is not.

Keen interest of mankind to Mars is explained easily enough: the planets of the solar system, but he at least theoretically, a person can take.

Moreover, if the fact that there just is no "little green men", it is clear that the presence of any organic life is possible. And even if it does not exist on Mars may show valuable metals.

BBC News

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