Already weekend, August 14-15


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Heat waves:

Even the night temperature is 18-25 degrees, and in the afternoon it will range from 33 to 39.

Do not pass:

August 14: the completion of the 4th Baltic educational forum with the participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Aug. 14 Public Association for Animal Welfare "Aegis" holds the International Day for the homeless animals charity "Give them a home." In Chelyuskinites Park in Minsk will bring about 100 animals to find them new owners.


August 14, 1385 was signed by the Union of Krevo, which legally means the incorporation of the Grand Duchy of Poland

August 14, 1992 the Georgian-Abkhazian war

August 15, 1945, Allied forces defeated Japan

August 15, 1990 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet citizenship restored Alexander Solzhenitsyn

There is a reason:

August 15, 1960 born leader and vocalist of "Crumb" Igor Varashkevich.

MINUS 365:

Decoy "case of 14" amnesty

Quote to remember:

I look at the sky —
My heart beats only one thought.
I look at the sky —
Is there a way my last song.
I look at the sky —
Next to her is hovering bright angel.
I shout to the sky:
Be with us when brought here.
Be with us
Stretch wing us, bright angel.
Be with us
Among the mud and sharp stones.
Be with us
If you get up a series of shadows at our doors,
Be with us
And do not hide our eyes.

The words of the song of the "Krama", "Be with us"



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