Amelioration: yesterday — swamp tomorrow — Ashes

The total number of fires, which are now fixed in forests and peatlands in Belarus, over 500 cases. The most dangerous situation — on previously reclaimed areas, which are found predominantly in the so-called Chernobyl zone. Meanwhile meliyaratsyya in Belarus continues today.

Details about the consequences of large-scale land reclamation refined regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Ecologist from Pinsk Elena lagoon before and now protected nature Polessye. Believes that especially this year appeared effects of total reclamation and its errors:

"I believe that the current effects are not random — Gomel oblast fried everything. Since May, there was no rain. And goes on, the more nazbiraetstsa woes. It's summer once again shows that meliyaratsyya had to be under control. Since it was impossible to relate to nature. For this, she takes revenge on us now. "

Today the area of reclaimed land in Belarus is 3.4 million hectares — almost 30 percent of the territory. Already evident in the loss of the ecological situation. Number of fires in This year, in peat bogs and forests exceeds five hundred.

However, even the unusual heat did not stop the new reclamation. One of the organizers of a new offensive in the swamps, deputy director Polesskaya doslednay station Nicholas Avramenko, finds it impossible to stop the reclamation. He speaks of the great offensive of the marshes:

"Meliyaratsyya in the SEC" Velemichsky "Stolin District — 600 acres! And before that — only 300 and not more. More reclamation facility "Semigostichi" — 1,265 acres. Here are the objects! Then — "Rubelski" — 1780 acres. "

Today, our regional correspondents observed how this process.


The cab of the tractor meliyaratara — 36

In Ljahovichsky PMS said that the work is carried out on the moors on a special regime, which was introduced at the end of last month. Among the rules — the special responsibility of employees:

"Everyone is reminded that smoking is permitted in designated areas. Especially it is necessary to follow the match and cigarette butts. Every 20-30 minutes everyone should stop technique, viewing it. Give time to cool down the machine. "

In the heat, according to officials, only the technique can overheat. Machine operators will not receive any bonuses or additional payments. This is not required by law.

"Get used to the new environment. The legislation does not provide for it's nothing. This heat was not there, — said working Pinsky PMS Stepan.

The interviewee added that the tractor in the swamp he has to work all day. Around, within two kilometers, there is not a single person. Such a regime kept a few. Now the company employs a number of young people, but most do not stand up and dismissed:

Young people can not stand here. A whole day to sit in a swamp. And on the application — the heat.

"Young people can not stand here. A whole day to sit in a swamp. And on the application — the heat. This is a natural anomaly. Right now, for example, in my booth termometar showing 36 degrees. I do not know, somehow pryzvychayvaemsya. It is a pity that in such conditions no padvyshak raise. Just work. "

What to fire risk measures, there is, says Stephen, the responsibility — to the workers. However, there is a control:

"Take care of yourself first. And also there is control, every day comes Commission, which monitors fire danger. "

Gomel Oblast

"Excavator will light up and burn himself, but did not earn …"

In the Gomel region to be restored around 140,000 hectares of peatlands. People suffer heat as they can, but the excavators refuse to work.

Mechanic tells Lelchitsy enterprise drainage systems:

"For two hours the engine oil in the hydraulic system is already in full swing, because the cooling is weak. It is in Russian excavators ET-16. And Kochanowski excavators same, even worse than in Russia. Weak excavator. He warmed up as hydraulics — she had a fly in pitch. "

Hellish work on the drainage facilities for Excavator extremely poorly promoted.

"The extremely low rates. One million, two million, nine hundred thousand — that's all. That's the whole payment. Excavator will light up and he will burn, but will not earn at such prices. The cab will not close, and if closed, you're two minutes later all wet. All pylyaka in the cockpit flying. Young will not work here — it's a hell of work. "

Who is working poorly, who was guilty — the old excavator. Who is good — a new excavator. Change! And now they are really scared.

And the authorities require volumes, because this year in the area you want to restore 1,600 hectares of reclaimed land previously — 4 times more than last year.

Here is what says a senior business district of drainage systems:

"Everything is strictly — the heat! Look, that does not even smoke. Do not have time to escape, as the burn in the swamp. We reconstruct the swamp, and then the depth of the peat — 4-5 meters. Who is working poorly, who was guilty — the old excavator. Who is good — a new excavator. Change! And now they are really afraid of. "



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