American drone Integrator first launched from the ship

American drone Integrator first launched from the ship

U.S. Navy on February 10 for the first time launched reconnaissance drone RQ-21A STUAS (Small Tactical Unmanned Air System), also recognized as Integrator, from the deck of the ship. This was reported in the press release dated February 12, Navy.

According to the Navy, the tests took place in the Gulf of Mexico on the deck of the amphibious assault ship dock «Mesa Verde» (LPD-19). UAV three months previously tested on land in California. First flying machine made in July 2012.

UAV RQ-21A developed by Insitu (daughter of Boeing). The handset weighs 34 kilograms, is seeking 5 meters wide and can carry up to 27 kg payload. It can reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and can stay aloft for days. Combat radius RQ-21A — up to 1,000 km. UAV resettled laser rangefinder and complex electro-optical and infrared sensors.

As previously reported, the delivery drone RQ-21A to the troops under applets STUAS scheduled for 2017.

Besides the U.S. Navy UAVs RQ-21A will be purchased for the Marine Corps. Marines reportedly will launch more phones on land.

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