Americans know how to communicate with aliens

Not far from the Atlantic Ocean in the restricted area of the American military base was found a mysterious object in the shape of a pyramid, which is a source of short gamma-radiation directed at the star Sirius. There is a theory that it is somehow connected with extraterrestrial civilizations, and perhaps from the sunken Atlantis.


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First of all, U.S. researchers have noticed a radiation anomaly, which was hidden under a layer of bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Zone anomalies studied Russian and U.S. space forces, and it turned out that moved the source of radiation.

The new navigation system contributed to pinpointing the source of gamma rays — a district recently closed military base. This area is now banned to fly airplanes, justify it by the fact that during the period of military trials navigation systems may fail.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the pyramid-shaped object was recovered from a depth of half kilometers, which is then sent to the base "Dugway" for secret research.

If you believe one of the versions, the radiation source was used in the place where Atlantis sank beneath the sea. The legend says that the inhabitants of the sunken Atlantis have been associated with Sirius: whether they came from Sirius to the ground, or vice versa flown there after the water absorption of the continent.

Ufology believe that technology existed by which the people of Atlantis exchanged information with Sirians. This task is performed and, hidden under a layer of water, the device. It is even possible that the "transmitter" functions and still, transmitting coded signals to another galaxy.

Researchers believe that the people of Atlantis were highly developed and could leave behind a tremendous spiritual and material heritage.


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