Ancient Discoveries / Ancient Discoveries. Episode 24 watch online

Ancient Discoveries / Ancient Discoveries.  Episode 24 watch online
The historians of antiquity often faced with extraordinary finomenom that what was once created by the hands of our distant Protz, could be realized, only focusing on, as everyone knows, modern science … how to manage their task engineers of antiquity. Everyone knows that because they put it mildly, it was possible to make cranes, carry loads weighing 10 tons-ki, water harpoons, which could, therefore, to sink the ship, power saws operated by the force of the water and almost everything else. Certainly, it is worth mentioning that so can you, as most of us are used to read, modern science just to figure out what technologies are also used by the ancient engineers? Are tools that say so enjoyed our forefathers, have applications in our days are?

1-2 series. — The oldest ships. Creating energy.

The ships of the ancient world seem very by ordinary in comparison with modern vessels. Shortly before the second world war were found two cyclopean ship built for the ruler Caligula. This has led historians to revise their attention to antiquity.
Scientists have proved that our forefathers could control the forces of nature and knew how to create energy.

3 series. — Battle Machines / Fighting vehicles

The reality of the current day or — this strong imagination of our long Protz. In an era of high technology, computers and robotics civilization of the past appear on first glance, simple. But is it in fact? The movie tells of a more outstanding achievements of science and ancient forces reflect — why did the Industrial Revolution, with its irresistible progress of the development does not start for a few 1000 lety before?

4 series. — Mechanics / Mechanics

Almost all of what is considered to be the modern achievements, was invented and constructed two thousand years ago, for example, a first in the history of automatic clock chimes or … old computer. On the old mechanisms and their creators.

5 series. — Health / Medicine

Surprisingly, many modern surgical techniques were not in fact invented, only discovered anew. Splicing bones, dentures, eye surgery and even craniotomy — all these operations almost two thousand years ago, Roman did an excellent surgeon Galen.

6 series. — Amazing cars / Amazing machines

Greek scientist Hero of Alexandria created the machine, until now our great imagination: the automatic doors of temples, to implement automatic holy water, "the mechanism of prophecy", automatic mechanical theater with actors and effects, and much more.

Episode 7 — Machines east / Machines east

Episode 8 — Machines of the Gods / Machines of the Gods

Antique, using their technology in the most unexpected places. Is it possible to think of a more extraordinary place than the church? With the help of old manuscripts we have learned that in the churches, for the creation of illusion and magic, amazing device used: sculptures — weeping tears of blood; wall — and was shocked by the thunder chariot — floating in the air. All of these quality mechanisms is the greatest engineering achievements.

Episode 9 — The greatest trial of Antiquity / The greatest trial of Antiquity

The center of all the old civilizations of the Mediterranean was one — the sea! On it traveled, there were engaged in trade, and then fought. Now archaeologists are faced with cool finds — a tremendous ships, cargo ships languid, conveyors to transport fighter and even the old model of "Titanic." These new findings have prompted us to come back a few centuries back and reconsider everything in our opinion, we are aware of the antiquity.

10 series — Mining machines Antiquities / Mining machinery Antiquities

Undercover hiding right under our feet. Buried under a thick layer of earth is secret world of the old miners. Lost in centuries of history and forgotten by their unspeakable inventions now come to light. As the Roman ruler Augustus made a mountainous wasteland with underground tidal waves? Could mythological stone to put the Vikings in America? Who invented the old radar, which penetrates into the ground? And then use it to seek out enemies with underground super weapons of bird feathers. Armed with new technologies, "Ancient Discoveries" will travel in a weird underworld.

11 series -Fierce history revolutionary innovation / Ancient Discoveries: The brutal history of revolutionary innovations

Now the U.S. government spends 54% of annual budget on defense and security of the country, but the threat of terrorism, riots and revolutions appeared in the old world. In Rome invented incendiary bombs that roasted alive by the invaders. First bomb, delivered by mail, was to destroy the euro prince. Bio weapon of mass destruction led to the destruction of the whole town. Big Mountain, and glorified the greatest revolutionary in the history of gladiator Spartacus. The earliest discoveries represent text, seven hundred years ago, which has promoted change the course of American history in the XX century.

Episode 12 — The power struggle between the powers of the ancient super-powered (Egypt)

Egyptians left an amazing legacy of monuments and works of art never cease to amaze us. Now we learn about another dazzling sphere of life of the old Egyptians, their military guns and majestic power on the battlefield. Archaeologists have found the proof that in ancient times, were carried out brutal battle, very different from what we saw as the ol
d combat techniques.

13 series — Secrets of old armor / Secrets of Ancient armor

In the depths of the rainforest, between the lines of the old manuscripts, lurk the mysterious hints of a forgotten war legacy of the past. Maybe if, that ancient people knew the base of modern technology innovator and hundreds of thousands of years ago? The invention bullet-proof armor, assist the king to destroy and kill an entire civilization. The five-tonne armored monsters, suggestive nightmare and falling down with indescribable army firepower. Armored shock troops, broke into the ranks of the enemy. Unusual lost instrument similar to the tanks that can upset the balance of forces on the battlefield and fight back to the enemy.

Episode 14 — The Battle of megakrepost / Battle for Megafortress

Alcohol — the first and last line of defense. What secrets are hidden behind the old engineers cyclopean walls, gates and cumbersome to naizloveschih dungeons? Massive ring stretching 42 km built in 6 weeks! The castle, which was founded in England! First in the world — the invisible fortress! Gun — which destroyed most ancient fortified buildings in history and changed the world in which we live. New studies have allowed our professional advance further than anyone or.

Episode 15 — Ballistic weapons / Ballistic weapons

Ballistics — the science of projectiles, bullets, mortars, rockets, all that can be used on the battlefield. Perhaps this is the most high-tech invention of the art of war. New discoveries are pushing scientists and engineers to review such terms. There is evidence that thousands of years ago, in the fields of battle were used ballistic weapons. After considering them, the scientists came to a resounding conclusion.

16 series — Lost Town / Lost City

Oceans dotted with traces of massive earthquakes. Mysterious flood of biblical proportions and old tsunami. Terrible catastrophe that destroyed the ancient town and drown them in the raging waves. Now scientists from all over the world want to reveal the secrets lurking in the sea of days.

Episode 17 — The Trojan War / Trojan War

Military techniques in the old world was fierce. But there is evidence of heroic battles in which civilizations used advanced military technology to defeat the enemy's country. Indeed there were the old tanks and hand grenades? If they used chemical and biological weapon? This program is about the most famous siege of stories — of the Trojan War.

18 series — The oldest marine technology / Ancient marine technology

Deep below the surface of the ocean buried in forgotten manuscripts lie offshore invention distant past. Our team of manufacturers models, detectives and elite forces commandos go in search of the lost military structures. They will conduct a series of tests unsafe for living. In the end, it turns out that the current marine devices, manufactured on the basis of excellent drawings, marine engineers invented thousands of years ago. This history — old marine technologies.

19 Series — Death Machine of the Old World.

Almost all of the technology on the planet, should their appearance, inventions made with one purpose — the military. Military developments constantly in the forefront of technology development. And the most deadly weapon of our time, has its origin — the inventors of antiquity.

20 series — Marine Engineering / Ancient Discoveries: Marine Engineering

On the water, under water and in the air — sea forces now use the latest innovation. Is this true? Ancient people had similar secrets of thousands of years ago. They are nestled in the old texts and serve as the key to forgotten technologies. Inflatable rafts appeared for a long time before the birth of Christ. Warships engines that worked in the hay! Underwater traps that caught the whole ship! The vessel, built for the most unusual assassination attempt in history. Weapon of mass destruction, which arose in the sea!

21 series-Lethal weapon East / Lethal Weapon East

In the east, there is a legend about the soldier who tore human organs — in one fell swoop. There are legends about the most deadly weapons manufactured in the West. But the truth is more amazing than fiction. Methods of submarine attacks hitherto used today spetsvoiskami. The gun, which struck a fatal blow in no time! Gun with 3 blades, was crippled thousands of people at the margins of contractions. Layout poisoning machine! Certificate of warriors who knew how to kill, after a time. Find out the secrets of ancient discovery tools thousands of years ago, and what technologies were for the most deadly machines of antiquity.

22 Chinese-series super-ships / Chinese Superships

On floating mega-fortresses, longish — 600 feet, could fit 2,000 soldiers. Catapults — firing red-hot cores. Sverhtehnologichny underwater mines that can make a hole though which ship. Many believe that the ancient Chinese engineers were so advanced that they could build the great ships that can cross the Pacific Ocean, and to open for the '71 America before Columbus.

23 series — Machines for torture.

Torture machine over a thousand years, kept his dark lurking. Naizloveschie devices have been created in order to crush the bones, quartered, burn and cause inhuman pain. What are the weird instruments of torture existed at the time and how they worked. The earliest opening explored the history of these tools to find out what led to this not the usual thirst for blood. Dons a crazy Roman governor of their own victims in fiery odezhki? Could the ancient executioners come up with a device that breaks the bones? And died a leisurely death, the real enemies of Count Dracula, he impaled with an accuracy of a doctor?

24 Series — Indescribable military vehicles.

Not every instrument is such respect as — aircraft carriers.
These largest warships became an emblem of modern war. But they have a secret! It is this basic system — not our invention, it got to us from the old world. The oldest military technology were more advanced and deadly than we think. Flamethrowers — destroy entire town. Chemical weapon that is sprayed directly into the face of the attacking cavalry. Horses that served as living torpedoes — mock catapult. All of these technologies so far use special forces. Deciphering old texts, layouts in the true value, futuristic three-dimensional hologram.

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