Andrew Pochobut: It is not clear where it ends, Labor way and begins Soviet B

In LiveJournal arrested journalist Andrzej Poczobut it was another letter from prison, the Internet has placed his wife Oksana.

Only in prison learned that the prisoners have its own newspaper. It is called "Work Experience" and gives her the Department of Corrections Internal Affairs. In the local people call it as "Goat's path." And it must be admitted that such an honorable name it bears deservedly so. Traditionally, the entire room packed with appreciative letters convict in which they are unrestrained praise prison officers and padnachalnikav for what to urge them to the right path, open your eyes, etc. etc. In short, the usual Bolshevik perakovka. And the price of this perakovki well known — parole (parole). Fans of parole is more than enough, so a group of authors to publishers no problems. In the wild, too, by the way, there is something similar. And in terms of lizablyudtva and subservience, and in the sense of perakovki. Thus, the "Soviet B" willingly gives its pages to perakovki former journalists of independent media. A casket just opened! Pavel Yakubovich pavertuhaystvavav in his youth, that's earning a relevant qualification. The engineers of human souls, damn it.

"Work Experience" get 2 times a month, along with the "Soviet B". And it is not clear where it ends, "Work Experience" and begins "Soviet B".

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