Animal lovers near Beijing blocked a truck with 500 dogs

Beijing animal welfare advocates to block the entrance to the Chinese capital of a truck, transported to the northeast of the country, in Changchun city, more than 500 dogs, purchased for resale in the local restaurants, said on Saturday the agency Zhongguo sinven.

A truck filled with dogs and found one of the participants in a voluntary organization for the protection of animals at the entrance to the sixth ring road of Beijing. Fearing that the animals are transported illegally and may soon suffer at the hands of the people, a volunteer posted this information in his microblog. On Friday around noon, one of Beijing's animal protection on the car was moving in a blocked highway truck with the dogs and asked for help from the police.

Arrived on the scene the police found out that the documents for the cargo, including medical-sanitary certificates, in order. According to the owner of the goods in the car were 520 dogs, bought in Henan Province and transported for slaughter in Changchun city, the meat of these dogs then had to be sold at the Changchun restaurants.

Meanwhile, back at the scene continued to arrive animal welfare advocates, who in a few hours to gather a few dozen people. Despite the presence of the carrier of all the documents, confirming the legitimacy of carriage "live cargo" animal lovers were determined to let the dog loose. Bargaining delayed.

By Friday evening, the order at the scene supported by about 80 police officers.

With the mediation of the police early Saturday morning to the conflicting parties have reached an agreement to purchase the animals. One of the foundations of Beijing agreed to allocate for this purpose 100,000 yuan (over 15,000 dollars), but it turned out to be 20,000 yuan less than the required host "live goods". Currently, animal welfare advocates gather the missing funds.

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