Aphorisms: Conscription-2

Transfer of the second.

Participating journalists, a youth activist Frantisek Vyachorka.

Ether 12 July 2010

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Bread, salt, water-soldier's food," "Soldier money in three days — where hochysh, there day." From my point of view, it is very typical of proverbs about the financial condition of the soldier, his so to speak, well-being. And today they are relevant for Belarus the army?

Frantisek Vecherko: Soldier's salary — 24,560 rubles a month. This is a 7 packs of cigarettes and 3 packs of seeds, or a stick of sausage. To earn a couple of thousand could on the graves, where a couple of times a month invited the soldiers as a firing group. Most often, the parents sent money orders. The food is very modest, and in This year, Mozyr removed from the Chernobyl zone, rations cut in half. Barley or chaff, a piece of sausage or fried fish, a loaf of bread and tea. Sometimes gave the eggs and milk. In Baranavichi wormy food was inedible and began to complain. Deputy gathered at the rear of those who refused to eat, saying, "It is not a worm, what we eat, and the worm that eats us." All fed by force.

"Warrior iznyamozha, and the pig will win"

"The soldier is gladak as eaten, then one side"

"Soldier — damn cow, one with water, and the two wheel stop"

"The windings of a soldier not to shame"

"Soldiers have a little: yes salt crumb of bread slice"

"Rakrutova Jeanne — not a girl, not a widow"

"Or crust in the chest or head in the bushes"

"Without a team of army killed"

"Bullet in the bag, and fever in the pot"

"Language is not a flag, and leads the squad"

"Soldier — Wolf Brother"

"To take you to the soldiers, then you had people"

"And our commander, no party committee nor mundera"

"War whom the rope and to whom — a cash cow"

"After the ratification many brave"

"It is the daughter of a prostitute, than the son of Corporal"

"Clean straps — clear conscience"

"Why do we have these guns, if we are not able to shoot?"

"The main soldier's weapon — a mop"

"Who can be more intelligent ensign? Only senior warrant officer!"


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