As the tabernacle was set up?

Having built on the instructions of God, all the parts of the tabernacle, mount it and put it in a casket — the ark — received the tablets on the mountain, Moses found the opportunity periodically contact with God, which he regularly practiced for a long forty years of wandering in the desert tribe.

As the tabernacle was set up? Biblical texts give a very detailed, you can say its meticulous description, the sizes of components, assembly order, the rules of service, activities for "safety" and so on. This text is repeated almost word for word three times — at the beginning of the name of God who spoke to Moses, then all sounds the same as presented by Moses, and finally, the same sets out the author of the text, indicating how it was done.

This character of the presentation suggests that these important facts were learned by heart, word for word, and passed the initiated, until many years have not been recorded and included in the text of the Bible. No derogation from the text, it was impossible to change a single word, although the true meaning of what was said was not understood by the saying goes. In this way the transmission of esoteric knowledge, scientists are constantly facing. Take, for example, "light word," for many centuries passed from mouth to mouth dedicated to the Dogon tribe in Africa, and other examples of this kind. The guarantee of accuracy, the absence of writing was to turn them into a religious ritual, any deviation from which, even in the smallest details, is not allowed.

According to the biblical texts, mounted on the ground tabernacle was a strictly oriented to the cardinal points (stretched from west to east) rectangular structure measuring 28×40 elbows.

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