As with poetry Heniyush Gulag fell to chance


Larissa and Vanya Heniyush with former sulyagernikami. On the extreme left — Vasily Suprun. Zelva, 1958

After the verdict — 25 years imprisonment — Larissa and Vanya Heniyush not immediately taken to jail. Outside the windows faded short winter day, the prisoners sat a long time in an empty room, stunned so harsh verdict of the Supreme Court. At the head of Larissa Antonovny have repeated many times, and the line: "Where is the mountain where you will get to your pain, poet Larissa Heniyush?" Verse later and did not finish. In the transfer prisons in the early years of the Gulag prison was not up to the verses. But the Gulag not silenced the poet. Until we reached many of her works written by barbed wire. How they got the will?

In its time Nicholas Canas — himself a former gulagavets for membership in the Union of Belarusian youth — gave me more than a dozen camp letters and poems of Larissa Heniyush. I drew attention for postage stamps, which were listed place of dispatch Kotlas, Vorkuta and Leningrad. It turns out that through these cities, winding paths poems Larissa Heniyush and fall at will.

The camp Nikolai Canas received letters from the poet through illegal, strictly conspiratorial mail. Realizing their value at the first opportunity to send each of freedom. Usually, the letters were collected in a package that would turn the paper out of ammonite and prazhyvlyavsya stearin to not pass moisture. The package was attached to the wall of the car, which was filled with coal. Letters from the Gulag found good people during unloading at the same Kotlas Vorkuta or Leningrad, unpacked and dropped into a mailbox. Sometimes, to promote "listanoshav" in the package went penknife made prisoners.

After Kotlas, Vorkuta and Leningrad letter reached correctly, but when the next portion of their went to Cherepovets, then tamoshnem ironworks fell into the hands gebist. As a result, Nicholas Canas got 15 days in the box and was deprived of his official correspondence for the year.

And half a century later Nicholas Impolevich remembered the names of prisoners working on the loading of wagons in public areas and the risk to themselves forwarded to the will of the letter: Vyacheslav prefix, Ivan Frost, Valentine Sologub.

The whole camp sbornichek poems Larissa Heniyush forwarded to the will and Basil Suprun, who also got 25 years of the Gulag — for the creation of an anti-Soviet organization "The Seagull" at the Slonim. During a meeting with Vasily I asked if there was communication between the Slonim "Seagull" and the poet Seagull, which was printed in the early 40's in the newspaper "Morning"? And my source confirmed that indeed named his organization in honor of the Gull of headlong eagle (remember, this was one of the aliases of Larissa Heniyush).

Letters from Camp Basil Suprun sent to the address of his sister Hope Scar, who guarded them, and gave to his brother after his return from the gulag in 1956.

About two dozen poems of the poet Vasily Suprun passed on will sewn into his camp quilted jacket.

Camp poetic correspondence Larissa Heniyush and Basil Supruna was a book "Living for Belarus, "Which was published in 1998 in the series" Archive modern history. "

Unfortunately, not all the works of the poet was able to save the time of the Gulag. According to the same Basil Supruna, some of them remained lying under a ladder step in lyabedachnay mine number 2 in Inta, where Slonim underground worker worked as a machinist skrepernay installation.

Local ethnographer Victor LOZHKIN have not lost hope to find those verses.

"Tired of the day. Gloss my eyes sad …"
Fatigue of the day. Shine my eyes sad.
Durmanyachy pain of loneliness.
Time for me to do all that is conceived,
while in the crown of the trunk of my life.
Are the trees, as if the ghosts of white,
Warm sun, through the grass.
Thyme thick cornfields with a breath —
Zawinul's head.
Worried field of rye,
byarozanka and outside the village
to land is an ancient
naginaetstsa beats brow.
Major branches, sickly leaves
my soul from their clearings
picked up, the trees, once you
and razgoydali to zmagan.
Well, that blows crippled
in the life of my soul more than once.
Lift it, padlechvayu,
native trees, you.

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