Ask for nothing

The Company has once again emerged topic geopolitical choice of Belarusians. According to data NOVAK laboratory to the question "What union is better to live Belarus with Russia or the EU?" In July 2010 42.5% of respondents named Russia, 38.4% — the EU. In June, these figures were 43.1% and 32.5%.

Interestingly, the second player sociological market NISEPI gives other indicators responded to the same question: 37.75% for an alliance with Russia and 38.9% and for the union with the EU on the basis of the July survey.

Do not you think that the issue whose importance was, of course, sound somewhere in the mid-nineties, today looks at least ironically against the very same "people" to whom so "grown-up" appeal armed sociological data policy , journalists and academics?

Sociologists are justified by the fact that the simulation this situation to the respondents, the year when giving the opportunity to "evaluate the vector corresponding geopolitical choice, desire for change in that direction." Who can answer correctly, when and by whom it was determined the direction of what its compliance and conformity — why? At some acrobatic pose the question of alliance with the Union of States (the EU) or a separate state (Russia) merges with the phallic symbol of sovereignty, which solemnly show at any occasion and weather both government and opposition political forces?

Or is it a complex geopolitical, and with it the economic, cultural and even nastroevay implemented depending so much that we can not even imagine how it is Belarus' does not want to get married? "

I'm trying to imagine how such a question would have been formulated for the residents, such as Norway, "In union with the kind of country you want to live: Denmark or Sweden?" And based on the answers would have been made conclusions about the "pradatskih" or "prashvedkih" mood Norwegians?

I must confess that I would become a dead end, if I had to answer myself. We have someone called the European Union? Or our long-term answers to the question of whether we want to live in union with Russia, somehow influenced by the existence of the CIS? CSTO? EEC? Can a union with Russia meant "powerful Belarus from Brest to Vladivostok?"

But strongly encouraged that in spite of the efforts are focused convenient to expand the public opinion in accordance with the views of those who build their political resources to the "people's opinion," the number of respondents who stubbornly refuse to choose the lesser of two gorastsyav remains the same — about 25%. And the analyst NISEPI even says that nearly half of the respondents directly or indirectly refuses to choose Meanwhile or otherwise Union, and even more explicit when modeling shows that half of the respondents willing to accept these conditions, and with one and the other.

Somehow I think that the 25% of the most promising and independent part of society that defends itself against the risk of being crucified for the sake of symbalizatsyi geopolitical choice of Belarusians.

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