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On the river Hopper open retrofotoatele

When she folded the tent camp, Henry M. brought the lens. But did not have time to release the shutter: she got up and walked over to him. Even touching her shoulder, he pressed a button on inertia — the shutter clicked. When the film is shown, the frame was a girl bent over the tent, it was in the same position in which she sat down for a few seconds before the shooting.

Peter the Great — again the first
This could mean one thing: Henry M. Silanov photographed not the girl herself, and the data trail left by it in space. Sounds unscientific — the most experienced geologist, a specialist in geophysical instruments, it is aware of this report. And no one would have believed, when they heard that the camera recorded the moment the situation that elapsed before the shooting. Would not believe — if ten times their hands are not doing these pictures.
A similar picture for the first time at the Hermitage accidentally turned Leonid Semenovich Pritzker. He photographed the exhibition in one of the halls of the throne of the Russian Tsars, and at the development of film … visualized the face of Peter I, in fact, once it is seated on the throne.
In principle, this incident could not pay attention, find his mechanical superposition of two images or even intentional photomontage. But was too great authority L.Pritskera — famous Alma-Ata scientist, Dr. fizmatnauk, impeccable academic integrity is not allowed to assume gamesmanship.
So Voronezh researcher Silanov consciously experimenting with photographing the past. And after many failures he began to receive.
Here's Henry M. showing me shot on the grass thermos, the image of which overlaps slightly blurred outline jar in which for many years was transported milk produced. Probably the jar is older than a thermos, once stood on this spot. Her image is invisible to the eye, but somehow present at a given point and got on the negative.
On the other photo powerful old tree oblomlennoe storm, slope above a bend of the river. But above the breakup pale shadow of towering upper part of the trunk.

How to make time fotomashinu
It's time to say what kind of technology allows you to shoot past. Of course, it is not very common. Lens mass lens cover for the enlightenment of a thin film of magnesium fluoride, which delays the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. But it is precisely at these frequencies, by the silane-, film captures "the memory of the field."
This term applies M. Henry for lack of a more precise. What kind of field in question — he knows. Only assumes that the images of the past thanks to a special float excited states of the electromagnetic, gravitational, microwave, or other fields, when certain frequencies are in resonance with the excitation frequency. Space, says scientist — is a big hologram that stores information about everything that has ever crossed it, or it was displayed. Under certain conditions, any point of the space is able to "turn on" memory, which materialized in the light quanta, raised the image of the past.
The hypothesis would seem too fantastic, if not confirmed by a multitude of photographs. All of them are in the ultraviolet range silane with special lenses, filters and films.
Head of the Laboratory of spectrographic association "Voronezhgeologiya", for many years he produces special photographic equipment. This experience came in handy in his new hobby.
Conventional ultraviolet optics through itself does not pass. For a lens that can "shine through" the time Silanov seeks natural quartz sand grains that transmits ultraviolet rays, exposing them to the analysis of the spectrometer. Then these grains melt in a crucible for a lens having a desired curvature whereupon the resulting long manually polish the lens, using the method described further Isaac Newton.
Henry M. The film also uses unusual: it is devoid of the gelatin layer, impervious to ultraviolet light.
Finally, wanting to find a suitable filter, a researcher for a long time doing the photos on a stereo camera pair "Satellite": filmed simultaneously by the two lenses, one of which was covered by a color filter, K-12, widening the range of penetrating rays toward shorter wavelengths. For a long time out conventional photography, but at a certain point shots were not paired …

The Czechs and the Mongols — the neighbors of dinosaurs
It so happens that most of the photos taken during the summer months, the annual expeditions to Khoperskoe anomalous zone. Henry M. — permanent head of public research expedition "Hopper" — every summer, leads a team of researchers and enthusiasts. About frequent UFO appearances over the bed of Chopra wrote a lot. But the memory of the past — at least interesting and mysterious phenomenon than luminous objects in the sky.
Well, for example, here is the picture bush from which "grow" profiles those soldiers wearing helmets. When later began to analyze the attributes of photos — it appears that such helmets were at the Czechoslovak soldiers, commanded by Ludvik Svoboda, which was formed just in the area. What is the solution? Quartz lens captured soldiers probably really happens on the banks of the Chopra in 1943.
And at the other Khopyor landscape emerges a human face in an old clothes — presumably a Scythian, ancient inhabitants of the land.
The soldiers in pointed helmets immediately bring to mind the Golden Warriors. Next to them are visible ropes slung across the river — something that was crossing Hopper. And in one picture of the same southern Russian natural area vaguely discernible dinosaur, probably once trodden the three-toed paws emerald moss Black Soil.
Here try to figure it out by pressing the shutter-release button, in what era you curled whimsical field anomalous zone … M. Henry himself does not know how to manage his time machine — not even in his hands, "the switch times." Tried to shoot five devices at the same time at the same place. Instead of five identical frames are different layers — from the sun illuminated the same last minute to dense twilight of past geological eras.

And in my house is the custom
Silanes says: soon expand shooting possibilities transtemporal by bringing in the infrared part of the spectrum — the appropriate equipment it has already started to manufacture. But the usual photographic technology of the new generation — digital — can, he said, giving a paradoxical wonders shooting.
To do this, two conditions must be met. "The memory of the past" probably comes up when working telephoto lens which "compresses" the space, gathering together the blurred images in it. And soon you can expect to see "otherworldly" images, if you shoot at sunrise or before sunset, when the proportion of ultra-violet rays in the spectrum is particularly great.
Moreover, speaking with many professional photographers who, by the way, was conducted examination of unusual images of silane-, certifying the absence of installation and maintenance of marriage, he learned that many of them also do not just get on the negatives something strange.
Personally, I am willing to testify that the way it is. Guest in the Saiva Okunevo ashram in the village of Omsk region (another one, which is typical, anomalous zone), I was flipping through photo albums and saw hundreds of pictures in which the visible image was superimposed on top of another, transparent, usually sacred contents. Saivites swore: no intentional tricks at display and printing, they do not adjust.
Recently, my son returned from Stockholm, where a lot of shooting with a digital camera. Cityscape captures water mirror of one of the many passages in the center is clearly visible orange buoy. For some reason Daniel made two shots in a row with one and the same place. But the second — because that's hell! — This buoy is not visible. Maybe in a moment, he plunged into the water? But it's not the sea with its waves and passing motor boats not around.
What to refer to others! Last spring I have personally made in Egypt a few pictures inside the great pyramids and next to them, on which there are transparent spheres — a sort of big bubbles. Their origin is unclear. In the opinion of a professional photographer, to whom I showed the pictures and negatives, it is unlikely marriage of technical …

Photo hunting for ghosts
The most striking — for me — of the strange pictures Silanov those that appear face of strangers.
This phenomenon has its own story.
Soon after the invention of photography, American William Mammler, shooting from a tripod self-portrait on a glass photographic plate, found next to its own image … translucent face cousin Sarah, who died in the same house for twelve years ago. The girl in white clothes stood aloof from the face cheek pressed against William and transparent with his right hand resting on his shoulder. Obsessed with mystical fear, Mammler to the police, where they spent the expertise and established the authenticity of the photographs.
No one would certainly not remembered after nearly a century after the death of the Greek writer neznamenitogo Dimitrokopulo if he did not publish new, previously unknown to the novels of Victor Hugo. And in French, which — for the more daring plot twist — Greek possess no chance. Then how texts? From the Hugo, assured Dimitrokopulo. Personally, he did not compose them, but only wrote down, in a state of trance. Roguish Greeks have long tried to expose, in particular his lack of knowledge of French. But first, fell into confusion "gyugovedy": techniques for building plot, literary style, even the nuances of language — all genuine. Finally silenced the skeptics when, during one of the sessions of mediumship in trance Greek photographed. On the print next to the writing Dimitrokopulo clearly visible translucent figure of Victor Hugo.
The dead are not that uncommon, "meddle" in the frame, as if to so not just to remind myself, but I'm living relatives: we are not consumed, we exist in parallel with you, watching you, love, and protect you.
Henry silane scientist-practitioner, himself a skeptic by nature and a little faith, well aware of the vulnerability of their information. No one is required to believe in the word. Especially in a flexible form of art like photography, which can have any man-made illusion. Official science with its usual arrogance fundamentally unwilling to ignore the paradoxes Silanov. And he does not want to scratch her high threshold so only just to prove that it is not a camel.
When the generals ignored the phenomenon of science, any attempt to prove anything to them will be rejected by all means. It is memorable in the history of genetics in our country, or more intimate examples relating to parapsychology. Therefore there is no need to break into the closed door, said Henry M.. It is only necessary to check the mass character of the individual facts. Cameras today are at all. If the images with the images wandered to us from the past, would not 80, as the collection Silanov, and an order of magnitude larger — physicists would have nowhere to go and just have to learn a memory field.

Moskovsky Komsomolets, Savely KASHNITSKY


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