Australias Defense Ministry has received the first two radar Giraffe

Australia's Defense Ministry has received the first two radar "Giraffe"Secretary of Defense Australia Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Procurement Jason Clare announced the receipt of the first 2-radar "Giraffe", which will be integrated into the system alerts the shelling C-RAM (Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar).

As already reported TSAMTO, the company "Saab" in July 2010 announced that it has signed with the procurement of weapons and logistical support (DMO) MO Australia contract providing for the transfer of a lease of 3 mobile radars (radar) "Giraffe-AMB» and provide services for their logistical support. The total price of the agreement amounted to 190 million Swedish kronor (about 27 million dollars). Radar run the company, "Saab" in Gothenburg (Sweden).

In December 2010, the company "SAAB" announced the signing of an additional agreement with the DMO at the cost of 550 million kronor (80.2 million dollars). Apparently, the radar were bought ahead of time in accordance with the criteria of the leasing agreement. At the moment, it is clear that the three radar maintenance services for a cost to the Government Australia of 86.2 million. Procurement is the final step applets "Lend-19" "Faza.7A."

Purchased the radar "giraffe-AMB» meant to use in the system to protect the base "Tarin Kot" in Afghanistan (where Australian troops deployed) from the firing of artillery, mortars and rocket launchers. Increasing security of armed forces units Australia Afghanistan is one of the priority programs in the defense budget FY 2010-2011 For these purposes in the period from FY 2009-2010 for FY 2012-2013 izderzhat planned 1.1 billion Australian dollars, including the allocation of 487.1 million Australian dollars in 2011 for the purchase of missile defense systems, artillery and mortar fire.

The third and final radar is scheduled to deliver to Australia in January 2013 for use as a training complex.

"Giraffe-AMB» — this is a family of modular detection systems. RLS can be applied immediately to ensure detection of air and sea targets, air traffic control, fire detection and mortar positions, artillery and missile launchers.

Multi-purpose three-coordinate radar radial review "giraffe-AMB» is a 6-meter standard container ISO, mounted on a truck chassis highest patency. The station is able to detect adverse weather criteria and accompaniment in the sector 360 degrees. up to 150 different types of targets, including aircraft, rockets, artillery and mortar shells. Range radar acts — up to 180 km, the height of target detection — up to 20 km.

Radar "giraffe-AMB» Sun booked Sweden, France, Estonia, England and other countries.

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