Authorities soothe: radiation situation is normal

This was stated by the agency "Interfax" in the Republican Center of Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring Belarusian Ministry.

"Our laboratories have not detected any change of the radiation situation in the border region of Bryansk regions of Belarus", — reported in the center.

"The radiation situation in the country remains unchanged, as before, the higher values of gamma-rays are stored in the permanent monitoring points located in areas of high contamination — Bragin, Narovlia, Slavgorod Chechersk Khoyniki" — reported in the center .

It was reported earlier with reference to Rasgidramet that the territories of the Bryansk region most affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, major fires have been recorded.

According to experts at the center of Bryansk gidrametearalegii and monitoring of environmental pollution, radiation background in these areas does not exceed the average.

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