Ayurveda — so lose weight in India




Ayurveda — the deepest and oldest (more than her 5000 years) medical system. Translated from Sanskrit, is: "ayuh" (long life) and "veda" (knowledge). The man who should Ayurveda is not sick, and lives a very long time in complete harmony with nature.

Approach to nutrition in this system is quite complex. First of all, one must give up meat and any of chemistry (such as preservatives and dyes). Next diet plan depending on what type of body (dosha) you are. Are three of them, but they can be mixed types.
Simplistically they can be described as follows.

WOOL. Usually this is fine-boned, lean men with a thin brown skin. Hair-thin, dark, curly. Small eyes and mouth with narrow lips, nose or thin aquiline.

Pitt. People are moderate and well muscled physique. Light skin, often replete with moles and freckles, soft light or reddish hair. Facial features are of medium size, eyes more bright, straight nose.

KAPHA. Large, full of people with large limbs. Light skin is often oily, thick hair and thick. The face is round, with large eyes and nose. Full lips, teeth, white and large.

The taste of food is important too!
In Ayurveda, it is believed that each of the six tastes affect the human body. Our products are more likely to have a mixed taste, for example, coffee — bitter and spicy.

Sour taste (earth and fire) good for the heart and digestive system, increases salivation. Excess food with a sour taste can lead to weakness, lethargy, pallor, fever, dizziness, blurred chair.

The sweet taste of (land and water) gives a burst of energy and positive emotions, it is useful for the elderly, convalescent and nursing. Helps fusion of bones. The excess sweet leads to obesity, diabetes, malignant tumors.

The salty taste (fire and water) increases the digestive activity, the formation of sweat, saliva and tears. Excessive consumption of salty taste is fraught with early graying and wrinkles, hair loss in men, diseases of the skin.

Pungent taste (fire and air) increases appetite, improves digestion, warms, stimulates sexual. The excess will cause severe thirst, sexual exhaustion, back pain, trembling of the hands.

Bitter taste (air) helps to eliminate toxins from the body, burn fat, cures skin diseases and disinfects the body from within. The bitter taste is rarely in excess, but if it happens, you threaten to exhaustion and weakness.

Astringency (air and ground) purifies the blood, stops diarrhea and heals wounds, burns fat. The excess food will cause an astringent constipation, decreased potency, pain in the heart.

What is good for wool — poison for kapha!


Cereals and pulses — wheat
Vegetables — almost everything except raw onions and potatoes
Fruits — all except apples, pears and melons
Seeds and nuts — walnuts, almonds and pine
Oil — Sesame
Dairy products — all of lactic acid, especially yogurt
Sweets — all except chocolate;
Food taste — sweet, sour and salty


Grains and legumes — all except corn
Vegetables — all raw vegetables except onions
Fruits — all except citrus
Seeds and nuts — not recommended
Oil — not recommended at all
Dairy products — everything except the lactic
Sweets — honey, sugar, refined
The taste of the food — sweet, bitter and astringent

Cereals and pulses — corn, soybeans
Vegetables — everything is possible, but not raw, roasted better
Fruits — apples and pears
Seeds and nuts — not recommended
Oil — sunflower and corn limited
Dairy products — is not recommended, except goat milk
Sweets — honey
The taste of the food — spicy, bitter and astringent


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