Bangkok flood completely if the protesters will open floodgates

Bangkok will be flooded completely, if the protesters will open floodgates in canal Khlong Sam Wa. This statement was made today by Deputy Governor of Bangkok Tirahon Manopaypibul. He stressed that the further opening of the locks on the north-east will cause the water, avoiding the main dam will flood the city center by flooding the channel Sayensaib, ITAR-TASS reported.
"If the government will not be able to calm the demonstrators, claims that 20 of the central areas of Bangkok is safe, you need to reconsider," — said Manopaypibul. "The situation will worsen if you lose control, and all of Bangkok will be flooded," — he stressed.
Tonight at locks on the canal Khlong Sam Wa angry residents flooded the eastern areas of Bangkok were trying to disassemble themselves dam. After negotiations with the government half opened sluice door at 80 inches, while the protesters demanded to them no less than five feet to the water has moved out of their district.
The head of administration of Bangkok Suhumbhand Paribat demanded that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra written instruction on the half-open gateway, and only after receiving it gave the order to open sluice door. However, the protesters are demanding more open the floodgates to the water went out of their areas quickly. Some streets are flooded and a half months or more.
At the moment the gates guarded by the military and police. Until the next high tide in the Gulf of November 10 municipal services to Bangkok in time to pump out the flooded areas of the city 5.5 billion cubic meters of water. This was announced today operational center for flood Thailand.

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