Banking zvyshgadavyya not credible

Acute financial crisis triggered a sharp outflow of state and commercial banks not only ruble, and even foreign currency deposits. People are calmer when their money will be in the stockings or under the mattress, but under control. Attempts to lure back exorbitant percent of the population do not have the fruit: the promised 20% per annum on investments denominated in just a few days, may lose value in half.

According to official data, before March 1, the population kept in Belarusian banks about $ 5 billion in the equivalent (for sure — 4 billion 700 million dollars). This is even more than the gold reserves of the state. However, the real chaos that is already more than two months reigns in the financial markets has led to the fact that only in April Belarusians took money by almost $ 460 million. In other words, nearly 10% of the exchange, which individuals are stored in the banks.

Although the May statistics so far, experts have concluded that in this month the trend is not only preserved but also increased — especially after, National Bank as though doses, but began to let the ruble. As a result, less than a week, the ruble has fallen by 50% compared to the official rate and the black market and generally greater than 100%. In such a situation, says economist

No interest rates, how high they are, will not help

Alexander Sasnou, even promised 20% per annum on ruble deposits, no back not call a:

"No interest rates, how high they are, will not help. Fact is that over the course of the last 3-4 days has fallen by 50%. And this means that the contributions that were in Belarusian rubles, let them have lost not half, but very substantially. therefore 20% per annum will not help. Which makes sense to keep in Belarusian rubles, if impoverished in two days? ".

Reporter: "So, in extreme cases may be stored in a currency?"

"In the Belarusian banks will not invest. Will fold into glass jars. Contrary, in my view, the latter will be taken. Well, if not the last, that many choose to keep their money somewhere. Indeed, even in a currency that is obtained: you put put but then try to get back. already had it, and not just once. "

It is significant that up to March of the current bank deposits

In the Belarusian banks will not invest. Will be folded into glass jars

demonstrated exceptionally bullish trend. This was especially true of foreign currency deposits, a number of which 7-8% per annum, the stable growth. Thus, in January-February of individuals' deposits in foreign currency increased by 7%. Total bank deposits closer to 23 trillion rubles, of which foreign exchange amounted to 4 billion 200 million dollars, and the rest — the actual ruble.

Further developments indiscriminately known: failure of the authorities to declare even a minimal devaluation eventually led to the complete devaluation of the national currency. People have nothing left but to try to keep savings through conversion. However, the exchange at all is not enough, and the ruble-denominated deposits, which for years overgrown percent, resulting in a meaningless money supply.

However, there are "enthusiasts" who promise to turn people with their savings to financial institutions. Creator of the infamous "pyramid" MMM Sergei Mavrodi This week once again called on the Belarusian authorities and specifically to Alexander Lukashenko to offer their services. Mavrodi promised to repeat the "focus", which in the mid-1990s, he showed tens of millions of people, and those without any coercion brought him his savings:

"There is no doubt that the current your team — economists, financiers, all these — no decisions have been found. They have not found until now, will not find in the future. Will advise the standard way in which this situation was too late passes, it's like a dead poultice. Looking at all other alternatives. Here I offer you is concrete and real way. Allow MMM and thus save the people from certain doom. release and parallel government securities with limited reliability. This is a very rapidly stabilize the situation, and even then, obtain a respite, you will be able to understand what to do further. At least you get out of it is catastrophic peak, which now are. "

Experience shows that some governments, when they get in an enviable financial position, directly seek the help of the public. As a result, through the issuance of bonds and the joint efforts of the situation is somewhat normal. But this requires one thing — the people some confidence in their leaders.


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