Battle ekipirovok world «soldier of the future»

Battle ekipirovok world

In the world there are less than 8 modern ekipirovok as they are called — for «soldier of the future» — Future Soldier or Soldier of the Future.

This combat system sets: USA — Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior, France — FELIN (Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres), Germany — IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft), England — FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology), Spain — COMFUT (COMbatiente FUTuro or Future Warfighter), Canada — ISSP (Integrated Soldier System Project) and Israel — ANOG.

In the U.S., you see, not one, but two — and both the highest level.

They say a lot about the Italian Soldato Futuro, but experts agree — beautiful, with an abundance of device, but not effective.

Eight best ekipirovok «soldier of the future» designed by a similar scheme — are the main elements and technology.

The main elements include body armor, helmet, night vision systems, radio and other communications, navigation, power supply and versatile small cannon.

And only 8 modern ekipirovok sverhtehnologichny own components — laser range finder, a small computer, helmet or breastplate screen necessary databases, electrical cards, positioning system, programs that support operational dialogue and providing disk imaging in real time.

Characterizes their digital battle management system, made in the USA and Israel, and sold in certain countries above.

In ANOG — equipped Israeli «soldier of the future», the abbreviation of which, for some reason not disclosed, not counting the rest, sewn remote sensors, allowing to track down the physical condition of a soldier or officer — pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and most importantly — keep their records in the process lifetime.

Battle ekipirovok world

Israel also supplies its own fighter different honey products, the introduction of which — namely, artificial blood, in the future, we must assume will go into gear.

Due to the unusual development, the Israeli computer systems for «soldier of the future» have an open architecture, and special interfaces, allowing to when you want to connect new or additional types of electrical equipment, including — communication.

Israeli «soldiers of the future» will also exoskeletons.

Scouts will be equipped with unmanned intelligence-driven systems as a squad leader, and ordinary soldiers.

Israeli soldiers coming equipped Russian weapon systems, most of which is sold over the limit.

Israeli technology in the outfit «soldier of the future» receive advanced army in the world, especially those who actually are fighting act.

Clear — based on technology developed by Israeli special forces equipment for different areas of military operations, including — the sea, the police also.

Exactly where this equipment is supplied — is kept secret.

Personal goals are locators until exclusively outfitting the U.S. and England. Israel and Germany get them from the manufacturer whose name is kept secret, but you can imagine that this American company Rayaton.

Finally, talk about the important parts of equipment — a combat helmet.

In its production succeeded in Israel affected the pilot’s helmet creation experience, which is used in all the armies of the world, even — in Arabic. He, as you know, walked into the reference pilot for the world’s only fighter of the 5th generation F-35.

Warhelm equipment «future soldier» includes 4 built-in components: physical protection of the head, the use of personal protective transparent screens, communication system, as an optoelectronic system.

He has built a protective mask for use in case of the introduction of weapons of mass destruction the enemy.

It allows you to take water and food.

Sverhtehnologichny optoelectronic system includes camera, an information screen that displays graphics, text and video coming from the PC, camera, or other sources of disk imaging, including outdoor.

In helmet equipment is built as a communication system allowing you to create an exchange of information between soldiers and commanders at various levels.

There are all the necessary components for audio and video conferencing, including — during the battle.

The system is built radio «panic button» fighter, fighter commander transmitting signal threat.

Not counting the designated 8 advanced ekipirovok can be distinguished Russian «Warrior», the municipal tests which will begin in April 2013.

Former Russian Defense Minister inclined to purchase French outfit «soldier of the future» — FELIN (he, in general, like the French gun — not even the most advanced in Europe). But met resistance so massive Russian arms lobbyists that stepped one position back, saying — it will be a trial batch.

Battle ekipirovok world

But it was removed, it may be, including, and for the love of the French arms.

And that is correct — and why not South American, which by 2 orders of magnitude better French?

Or not the German, which is much better than the French?

Should not read about the Israeli — ambitions Russian generals do not allow even to utter that phrase — Israeli weapon.

Hitherto, in the Russian press can meet — resettled riot gun, shot from the corner, but the word TAVOR — title Israeli invention, breaking international rules and etiquette adopted author, do not write — title TAVOR can meet only in the Russian media-independent.

TAVOR — TAR-21 or the Tavor Assault Rifle-21 — automatic assault rifle XXI century (global outlook professionals) 5.56 mm, produced concern Israel Military Industries.

By the way, the title comes from the machine Mount Tabor, Tabor or that is in the north of Israel, and is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Ultimately, it is safe to say — Russian set of equipment, the weight of which in the smallest version — 25 kg, does not meet all the requirements of the future.

And the fact that the kit manufacturer said — «a number of samples of the newest equipment surpasses the best world analogues» — the usual refrain of the current Russian.

But now we can not overshadow «the best world analogues» without sverhtehnologichny systems regarding software and hardware, optics, communications, radar, telemetry, eventually guns.

One can imagine that, having rejected ambitions Russian military administration will purchase for their own military special forces units modern equipment.

In any case, the identity of the new defense minister does not even admit the thought of his ambitions to the detriment of the ordinary soldier.

Our homeland could be the favorite in the field of modern types of armor — what is it long years has succeeded.

But all those technologies that do not have development in Russia, pushed her to the second plan.

Favorite in this field — research divisions member states of NATO, which certainly surpassed all in terms of «dynamic armor», including — to equip fighter.

She — a narrow, just a few mm, very strong, able to withstand any attack.

This armor allows soldiers to maintain mobility and not a hindrance or restriction of movement.

Moreover, NATO researchers using nanotechnology methods, developed synthetic armor.

It uses a special liquid: on command or by a sensor, the frosting at the right time, this forms a dense armor frame, do not miss any bullets or fragments.

Problem for Russian developers is the fact that our homeland does not produce high-quality energoelementy able to operate autonomously for a long time.

Our homeland, certainly loses foreign equipment, and the reason, in my opinion, is that they share among themselves the advances in this field, and our homeland itself allow for themselves can not.

Can not, because it is contrary to the concept of national security.

Well, the fact that because of this, in case of war, inevitably higher loss of personnel, not taken into account — is not Israel, where the population is small.

Well, who can poruha on Russia? There are none … So maybe we should not spend money to defend what no one claims.

On invisible to prying eyes export field of modern instruments, is the leading global manufacturers battle ekipirovok for «soldier of the future.»

Whoever wins it will take place among the favorites Rating arms exports.

While on it with a huge margin in the lead U.S. — their share is 44% of the market, and on beliefs-independent professionals — 53%.

In second place — Our homeland — 14% on the 3rd — England — 11%, the fourth — Israel, on the 5th — France.

But an era ekipirovok, and pursuers of — Israel and France, have a chance to close the gap in the ranking by implementing their own systems and ANOG FELIN.

What will be the case in this battlefield — will show the near year.

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