Battleship on the new rules of the game

Battleship on the new rules of the game
Defence Ministry takes over chaos in shipbuilding

Yesterday, Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov held a meeting on military shipbuilding. Listing all the mistakes that led to the breakdown of the previous state armaments program, he called for a fundamental revision of the relationship between the military and the shipbuilding industry. Meeting was the first in his own way: soon these events will affect the air component forces and aerospace defense.

Speech sovereign Borisov held yesterday in Krylovskaya municipal research center (St. Petersburg). He noted that the last three state armaments program (SAP) were not met due to a number of circumstances: incorrect assessment of the predictable allocations, the highest inflation rate, low level of advances, depressed prices adopted in the formation of the SAP, and outstripping growth rates products. «All this made the state program is unusable for the next year after its adoption,» — Deputy frankly, specifying that the pricing problem especially acute in shipbuilding, where the «ship cost is comparable with the budget of a large town.» And Deputy Minister also noted the large number of research papers, conducted by Ministry of Industry and stripes not approved by the Navy. «Ultimately, the R & D programm estranged from SAP and industrial base does not provide scientific and technical groundwork to establish promising arms and military equipment — Borisov said the emperor. — Eventually head and several series of ships can not be delivered on time in Due to the fact that development work has not been completed. «

As learned «b», the first problem encountered in the development of diesel-electric submarines of Project 677.

«Head standard planned to pass in 2007, but the trial operation began only in 2010, so as not fully tests were conducted most experienced sonar system» Lear «is not fit to completed work on radar survey system MRC-66 — says the source «b» Defense Ministry. — were not finished with electrodynamic separator long could not achieve full power electric propulsion system. » Second problem was found, namely, in the development of Project 20380 corvette: there, he said, were not completed tests of a number of weapon systems: anti-missile «Red», EW «A Monument» and anti-«Package.» Ultimately corvette N1002 deadlines were postponed from 2011 to 2012, N1003 — from 2011 for 2013, and N1004 — from 2012 to 2014.

Yuri Borisov yesterday reminded the audience and the request by President Putin to create the beginning of 2014 by the Ministry of Defense and the defense industry a long military shipbuilding program from 2050. According to him, this programm provide progressive evolutionary development of warships, ships reduction of facial features projects and increase their mass. After he urged the audience in the hall to see the question Krylovskogo center coordinated development of industrial and technological base in the industry with the Navy plans to build ships.

The two sides «b» present at the closed part of the meeting, noted that the main message of the representatives who head the Navy Headquarters consisted in building a fundamentally new relationship as the development of the modern state armaments program until 2025, and during its implementation, «explained newly created Practically rules of the game. » «We need a systematic approach — said» Y » Yuri Borisov. — Now serving the state program is revolutionary temper when it perceived, in the matter of re-everything was bad and it was necessary at any cost to a new level — said the «Y» Sovereign Borisov. — In developing the subsequent military applets we want to make an emphasis on quality, as the volume of its funding will be less now serving. » Deputy Minister noted that the terms of reference will be created to seek the greatest unification, good type, as calculated on a longer cycle of existence: «We need ships with a service life of 30 and 50 years old, able to pass five or six upgrades.» According to him, at this point you need to find mechanisms such motivation to shipbuilders was profitable to create the least amount of products, but the best properties.

According to «Kommersant», the meeting was the first of a series of events: soon similar meetings will be held on military aircraft and troops aerospace defense.

Ivan Safronov

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