BCD begins defense of shrines

The organizing committee for the creation of "Belarusian Christian Democracy" gathers a group for organizing the actions for the protection of St. Joseph's Church in Minsk. On this occasion, on August 18, in the office of the BCD Group meeting will be held for the protection of the church.

BCD activists plan to centrally collect signatures for the return of the faithful holy churches of Minsk near the building, and during pilgrimages. The collected signatures to be transferred to the Presidential Administration, Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Minsk heritage" in state institutions, the Vatican and foreign embassies.

Activists BCD twice — in 2008 and in 2010x — participated a petition for the return of the faithful of the church.

Since 2005, members of the Minsk Roman Catholic parish of St. Joseph's conduct daily prayers for the return of believers buildings Minsk Bernardine monastery with the church. According to the plans of Minsk City Executive Committee, the building must adapted into a hotel complex and the objects of trade and domestic purposes.

In 2007, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has been sent to treatment with over 30 thousand signatures to the shrine believers, but from the beginning 2010 there are working on renovations of the church to the hotel.


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