Beavers flooded the city

November 10, 2012 23:11

Small provincial town of Duvall, Washington in recent days, most suffering a disaster — a quarter of the village flooded by lake water, a few houses in the literal sense of the word were in the swamp.

 Cause local disaster was not a hurricane or above normal precipitation for the month, and the most ordinary beavers. On one of the nearby hills was a lake. According to local residents, it was the result of many years of engineering work of beavers, but one morning beavers or changed their original plan, or cunningly planned it from the beginning. However that may be, the animals broke the dam and the lake has fallen on Duval.
From the hill to the city descended not only water, but all that served to build a beaver dam. Journalists are going to shoot helicopters. People are out of danger, it was possible to do without the victims, but in transportation problems. Police and firefighters assist victims.

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