Before you raise the retirement age, the need to reduce government officials

Society during the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush listener from Minsk asks:

"I hear about Larissa Heniyush. Memory of our famous poet honored in different countries, not here. Simply can not forget about the fact that her parents were hard-working, they were dispossessed. Such a fate is not enviable. When was that? 1937, destroyed or the innocent.'s and Larissa Heniyush made the list. And now a different time, but we see that contemporaries can not accept that. This is a different generation, and it is high time to rehabilitate and to honor the memory of our famous poet, I would like to local authorities hanged plaques on her home without interference, as somehow not like human beings, everything happens. "

Chairman of the organizing committee for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush Michas Scoble answers this issue:

"The power is very clearly expressed their attitude to Larissa Heniyush celebrate the 100th anniversary of the poet Vawkavysk and Zelva. Two plaques were ripped off houses and arrested, and the House of Culture was closed.

Thereby confirmed its power of inheritance from that of the Soviet government, which in 1949 sentenced to 25 years poetess gulag. I believe that such authority rehabilitation Larissa Heniyush not need. "

Our listener elderly, who says he proved himself a true patriot of the country and are always interested in our national roots, said:

"On the basis of the documents affirm that the real name of the so-called Belarusians — Lithuania, Lithuanians, Lithuanians, that one and the same. Incidentally, the term" White Russia "and its derivatives are not identical to the Latin term" Alba Russia "and are for us, Lithuania, insult to represent Slavic-Latin gibberish, gobbledygook. term "Belarusian" is translated as "white peasant lout."

Historian Vasily Voronin, Commenting on this statement, he said that there are several concepts of the origin of the Belarusians, but enjoys great recognition academic as it is taught in schools and colleges:

"The Belarusian nation is formed in the XIV-XVI centuries, and Belarusian nation — in the XIX — early XX century. Belarusian national consciousness there. As for the name" Belarusian ", that there was no such title. Much of the population of Belarus called themselves Rusyns. In no way Litvins. no evidence it is not confirmed that the Belarusian, while in the country, called himself a Lithuanian. And the fact that the people of Belarus called themselves Rusyns or Russian, tens and hundreds. "

Nicholas Chibis from the village Kozlovschina Dyatlovo district compares earnings of people in the Soviet era to the present in Belarus.

"I would like to say that a long time ago, when ruled by Brezhnev and Khrushchev, when we helped the Communist Party of Canada, the U.S.,

Lukashenko gives people some handouts in retirement to be chosen again and that we again and again lived in poverty

France, Germany, Cuba, Congo, Nicaragua, do not remember all — then we earned $ 150-200 per month. It took a while, but we hardly ever falls short of the $ 150-200. And now here Lukashenko gives the hardworking people of any expensive handouts in retirement to him again and that we have chosen again and again to live in poverty. "

Continuing the theme after listening to "Examination of Freedom" Listener Hope from Minsk says:

"The retirement age increase is necessary, but it should be done only in the context of the general democratic reforms. Before you raise the retirement age, the need to reduce unnecessary officials and security forces — that where we aretoyaschaya burden on the budget. Second, we need to normalize the situation with salaries. It is not normal that the officials pay a few million, and the workers — for two or three hundred thousand. It is not surprising that retirees who work, have to help their adult children. Third, you need to create a competitive environment, at least to people who claim to leadership positions, had a contest or

To cancel the last package of repressive amendments to the Labour Code, which allows anyone from any position to throw at any time and at any age.

independent review that they were required to prove their ability and professionalism. Fourthly, it is necessary to cancel the last package of repressive changes in the Labour Code, which allows anyone from any position to throw at any time and at any age, even before the age of 55. And the view that women are squeezed out with a good work in 55 years, is no longer relevant. With our dictatorship, when to raise the retirement age, the social consequences will be very bad. Further accelerate the process of self-destruction of society, and who are so completely. And I think that the authorities do not take this step, do not dare. This step may have to be the last straw. "

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