Belarus at the 56th place in the ranking of Newsweek

The influential U.S. magazine compared the 100 countries on five indicators: education, health care systems, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment. In the overall ranking of Belarus was in the middle of the list, behind all the neighbors.

First place in the ranking of "Newsweek" took Finland. United States fell to 11th place. Completing the list of African countries of Cameroon, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Places of Belarus' neighbors as follows: Poland — 29th, Lithuania, 34th, Latvia — 36th, Ukraine — 49th, Russia — 51th. Belarus with his 56th place behind all the neighbors.

However, the lowest place in the overall ranking of Belarus is due largely to extremely low estimate of the political situation in the country, according to this indicator Belarus was almost at the end of the list — at the 91 th place. Other indicators assess the situation in the country is not so bad, in terms of education, quality of life, economic dynamism Belarus takes place 34-35.

The table gives an idea of the respective indicators of Belarus and its neighbors (in each category among 100 countries)

  Education Health Quality of Life The dynamism of the economy The political situation
Belarus 35 66 35 34 91
Poland 17 34 36 45 18
Lithuania 28 61 39 41 26
Latvia 25 52 41 53 38
Russia 31 75 50 36 75
Ukraine 40 75 40 66 50

According to the table, comparable situation in Belarus among the neighbors looks more complicated. It is a leader in the dynamism of the economy, although it should be noted that this indicator does not measure the economic condition in itself, and the rate of change. Other neighboring countries are somehow passed the stage of reforms, Belarus they only last beginning, which is reflected in the respective rankings.

The education of Belarus ahead of Ukraine, lags behind Russia and Lithuania and significantly — from Latvia and Poland in particular. According to estimates of the health system of Belarus has better performance than Russia and Ukraine, and a little behind Lithuania.

Quality of life in Belarus — closer to European neighbors than to the east and south. But the political situation … as was said: Belarus, in this sense an outsider, not only in the region but also in the world.

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