Belarus has increased zapylenne air

In some cities, the content of dust in the air drobnadyspersnaga over the weekend significantly exceeded the maximum allowable concentration.

For example, on August 14, Zhlobin this figure exceeded the norm by 1.6 times. Exceeding the maximum allowable concentration also registered in Minsk, in the streets of Radial.

About This was reported Learned from a representative of the National Center for Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring of the Ministry of Natural Resources Bogdan Kozeruk.

Such a situation led to prolonged heat and lack of rainfall. By Bogdana Kozeruk, affect the level of air pollution in Belarus could and smoke from forest fires in Russia.

"But to say unequivocally that the Russian was able to come to us, we can not, it is difficult to separate the internal and external contaminants, because the situation that has developed very well be caused by their own emissions from industrial plants, not the smoke from Russia," — said Bogdan Kozeruk .

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