BELARUS «Soldiers of the Future»


Now the concept of so-called equipment «Soldier of the Future», which is implemented in the armed forces of more than 20 leading countries — the U.S., Russia, Germany, France, etc. According to American professionals in the modern criteria for dominance fighter on the battlefield, he must be equipped for 70-80 thousand dollars. Such equipment French and German units cost 50-60 thousand per set.
In April 2011, the Municipal Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus was held «round table», open a discussion on which kind of modern fighters and its integration into a single management system. Then, the participants noted that the enterprises of the defense sector of the economy are able to design and create virtually all items of personal equipment «soldier of the future.»

The offer was accepted and the decision to the creation of complex information technology (ICT) «Soldier — combat system» proposed for implementation in the Republic of Belarus. It was decided to join the ongoing development of not only the general plan, and interconnected technical implementation, organizing with all this closely cooperative enterprises developing and close interaction with the Ministry of Defence.

In the past year a number of finalized parts of the complex, which themselves are complete for themselves standards, also planned to ensure the practical use of parts of the system being in the combat training of the armed forces.

Currently, Goskomvoenprom continues development activities (R & D) to create it. Identified certain embodiments of the complex, including including clothing, tools, equipment and personal body armor, as desired in the Republic of Belarus, as well as on external markets, also worked more closely issues of cooperation of subcontractors to create complex options.

In September 2013 one of vsepolnotsenno current version of the complex will be presented to the participants exercises of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces of the CSTO «Interaction-2013» and the Belarusian-Russian strategic exercises «West-2013», which will be held in the Belarusian countryside. At the beginning of 2014 planned municipal complex tests «Soldier — combat systems.»

Create master is an element of automatic control system tactical control of ground troops (ACS TCL NE) and special operations forces and is designed to increase data communication inside the unit, military coordination on the part of the unit commander based on providing automatic data processing system, two-way transmission of disk imaging and control commands.

Already completed the technical design of this development work. In parallel, its layout was created, consisting of three sets (Equipment included) squad; Sniper; arrows. It was demonstrated Forces Special Operations Command (customer) and the Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Today designed and have been tested three types of protected individual computers (creation of «NIIEVM») Sleeves (CDD-2305), pocket (PDA-2306) and tablet (VM2015 «Crossbow»). According to the results show a demo developed a number of proposals for their improvement. Since January this work will be started.

JSC «CB» Display «demonstrated and integrated into CTI» Soldier — combat systems «helmet-mounted display system for the individual electron-optical complex fighter, which is created for operational display sighting, navigation, cartographic and other disk imaging. On the battlefield, it will allow to significantly reduce the loss in manpower. Suggestions and comments taken into account military, work on finalizing also already underway.

OJSC «AGAT-SYSTEM» — managing company «Communication and Control» — developed digital radio personal use — multiband software-defined radio «Snipe», in November 2012, completed its municipal tests. Members of the armed forces during the field test station expressed satisfaction of its tactical and technical characteristics and performance.

GVTUP «Belspetsvneshtechnika» and Scientific-Technical Center «LEMT» BelOMO presented standards means targeting, reconnaissance and surveillance.

Developed and presented a portable power system that provides autonomy and continuity of the complex for 12 hours. Her little weight. You can recharge the batteries from different power sources (stationary and bortseti).

Developed and tested in the work and a number of other devices: sensor status monitoring fighter (right to a degree of lethargy); portable dosimeter.

Also developed a prototype software for the operating system «Linux» (open source). Special assembly of the operating system, adapted to the specific computational tools, allows the decision required tasks with the highest reliability and performance.

SMIC Office determined that the complex should all go. And such a process is already running. Is developing the respective camouflage unloading, vests, defined, respectively, of a protective helmet, dry food options, etc. By the way, many of these areas the work is quite long and well. Its lead some special RB Ministry of Defense Research Institute. The finished TCL ACS SE will be composed of all the ordinary and necessary for a successful commander, competent and somewhat benign warfare.

By the end of the show layout Chief of Staff Armed Forces — First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Belarus Major General Peter Tikhonovskaya was decided to allocate available to developers CTI «Soldier — Combat Systems’ platoon from the one of the mechanized brigades. In December — January will be its field tests. On the basis of the acquired results crotch military department developers submit their proposals on probable revision of software and hardware included in the set system.

According to the General Designer CTI «Soldier — combat systems» Denis Kowshika software allows you to work with at least some cartographic base. «We are able to work with all accepted in the world, including European, reference cards. Second, we are able to work just as with the plans and with aerial, including manufactured UAV. Software built on a modular structure, and at the request of the customer we can quickly adapt it under these or other conditions. For example, if the customer longs to use radio communications system, its development, for us it is not a question. In this case we will only motivate Information Protocol «- emphasizes the designer. — Depending on the military serviceman and specialty tasks that he does, our suite can be flexibly change both in terms of capacity and reduction abilities. In other words, a set of specific tools with standardized interfaces, we are able to collect one set that will need to perform a specific task. «

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