Belarus will disappear with the first European map of nation-states?


In an interview with the Latvian edition Neatkariga rita avize, which has been translated resource Inopressa, Rasnacs commented on the plans of the Latvian authorities to introduce education only in the national language. "We do not want to be in a situation in which is now Belarus is "- said the official. On He said, "Belarusian knows 80% of the population, but uses only 20%." "The Belarusian language disappears, giving way to Russian language"- Said Rasnacs." For us, this path is not fast, but, unfortunately, we are also going through it … We need to create a mechanism to protect the Latvian language primarily from the influence of the Russian language. As long as he shall live in the Latvian language — will be live and the Latvian state, "- said the Latvian official. According to He said, If the situation does not change, Latvia, Belarus expects path. "The Latvian language will be used only in the deep rural areas," — says Rasnacs.

Here's a comment from the chairman of the Company's statement of the Belarusian language Oleg Trusov.

"First of all, we have different situations, and then — it is not clear who quickly disappear from the map … Technically he's right. But in fact, in Latvia the situation is worse than ours, despite the fact that they have the same language. There's a a large percentage of the Russian-speaking population, which does not want to assimilate to the Latvians. For Latvia as a state it is very dangerous phenomenon, because the Russian-speaking population is not going to pass the Latvian language, marriages between Russian and Latvians almost there, so it's a kind of fifth column that could explode at any moment Latvia. I was there once and know the situation. In Soviet times, all in Riga, Latvian, few spoke. Latvians were few, and settled in Riga Soviet rabble. He stayed there, nowhere is still here. Their children, descendants live. So I understand that a politician who says so. And they are right, that cling to the tongue. After all, the language will disappear — and Latvians will disappear.

But do not think that it is objective in its conclusions. First, Belarusians much more than Latvians quantitatively. Second, we do not have here is clearly indicated that the Russian-speaking fifth column, because the Russian we do not live compactly, asymilyuyutstsa with Belarus is very active. And, I think, in 50 years of ethnic Russians in Belarus almost left. That is much more active Belarusians can assimilate Russian, unlike the Latvians. And his tongue Russians gradually forgotten, moving to trasyanku. The second generation of these children speak Russian trasyantsy. And when they come to Russia, from them laugh. "

What do you think? OR disappear Belarus with the European nation-state CARDS

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