Belarus will receive 7 million tons of grain, not 9, as expected

Company "Bread in all categories of farms we get 7,000,000 tons in
svirnavay weight, "- said the Minister.

What Alexander Lukashenko said, "promised to 9,000,000 tons.'s your
Start ".

M. Brown assured that next year the agricultural organizations of the country will take to the planned figures.
During the working visit Head of State the Gomel region in July this year M.Rusy assured him that the This year, scheduled 9,000,000th excluding maize crop. Napyareadadni Lukashenko's visit to Minsk Region Boris Batura, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee warned of "strict measures" against the officials who allow the registry. He noted that in the Minsk region widespread system additions in agriculture and this must be fought.

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