Belarusian falshyvamanetchyki choose Dollar

Cashiers Belarusian banks in January-June 2010 revealed 483 counterfeit banknotes.

About This was announcedand the correspondent BELTA in the management of the National Bank of Belarus.

Total identified fraud Belarusian rubles and six types of foreign currencies. The vast majority of fakes — about half — found in Minsk and the Minsk region.

According to the National Bank, in the first half of the year there have been attempts sales 49 counterfeit notes of the National Bank of Belarus vs. 73 bills during the same period last year. The most often found false 20000th bills. As a rule, the Belarusian fakes are made on a color printer.

However, the bulk of detected counterfeit banknotes are U.S. dollars (235 notes), among them the largest — $ 100 banknotes (87.2% of the total number of counterfeit dollars).

The National Bank also reported that the detected counterfeit banknotes preferred were made using the methods of general printing, as well as repragrafii (electrophotography and inkjet printing). Also in the first half of attempted sale so-called gift products, as part of the fraud was a class of "super." They are manufactured using similar manufacturing techniques of genuine banknotes. Identify their possible by examining small parts of graphic design banknotes, usually with the use of technical means of verification of authenticity. This type of fraud is classified as extremely dangerous and not all cash bank employees confidently detect such fraud.

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