Belarusian-language schools have less than 20%

This year, for the first time in Belarus in recent years the number of schools with Belarusian language of instruction will not exceed 20 percent. In regions close more than 100 primary, basic and so-called small schools. Another recent trend: in the Belarusian-Russian-speaking schools authorities create classes.

On the situation with the Belarusian-language education in different regions of Belarus correspondent learned today of "Freedom"

Grodno region

"For it is easier to open a class with the Polish language, with the Belarusian"

The position of the Belarusian language in the schools of Grodno traditionally stronger than in other regions. There is still almost a quarter of children are taught in the Belarusian language.

An employee of the regional department of education Tamara's great-grandfather says belarusskoyazychnoe reduced training in the field because it reduced the number of children in rural schools where the teaching of all subjects is conducted in the Belarusian language.

I, in turn, ask — or do something to government to promote education in the Belarusian language, not only in the countryside but also in the city? In response, I hear the following:

"Our legislation is no enforcement measures will not provide. Application for teaching children in Russian or Belarusian serves parents. And then the pressure on our part can not be."

Vladimir Khilmanovich as the father of this year more than once visited Grodno District Board for the opening of Belarusian-language classes. In response, he said, he had always heard similar arguments.

I tell them: you declare a set of Belarusian class in a decent school, and you will be pulled to the statements. And my answer is no — because we can not …

"I tell them: you declare a set of Belarusian class in a decent school, and you will be pulled to the statements. And my answer is no — because we can not."

Chairman of the Grodno organization TBM Ales Shoeupper said that the situation with the Russian-speaking school for the past 5-6 years in general is stuck at one place. He said that officials intentionally hinder open Belarusian-language schools in the cities, as they have the appropriate order.

"Officials red tape, as usual, are involved. Moreover, such that the opening of the Russian-speaking classes unnecessary any statement, and when the kids want to study in Belarusian, then start the nuances. Prove to the fact that it is easier to open a class with the Polish language, with the Belarusian . "

I asked the teacher of the Belarusian language of one of the Grodno schools — what changes in the Belarusian-language learning are seen her?

Lady says that if nothing happens, except that this year introduced minor changes to the rules of spelling. And the rest — no trends.

Woman: "Here, the stakes have, and if you're lucky, what electives. Nothing else remains the same. Education in the Belarusian language is not available, but is not narrowed at our school. No trends have not yet seen. "


The region is still at less than 13 schools

The Brest region in the new academic year has decreased by 13 schools. Statistics education in the Belarusian language, thus worsening.

According to officials of education departments to create just enough of the Belarusian-class applications from parents. No obstacles will be created and wish will be fulfilled. But such claims in recent years, almost no point in the departments of education. This statement is to some extent refutes Oleg Labovich Birch, who was trying to create a class with the Belarusian language learning. A few years ago, he has made creating Belarusian-language class in which enrolled 18 children:

"It seems to me that the creation of such a class was rather accidental. Indeed, if later, I again sent a statement to create a class that has already failed. Yeah parents are cautious in the Belarusian language. Higher education is conducted exclusively in Russian."

Chemistry teacher school number 10 Brest Vladislav Lupakov also expressed his opinion:

Teachers should not only in the classroom but also in everyday life in the Belarusian language …

"I believe that the problem of the Belarusian language, you can not talk while the teacher does not show the others that they would object has value. Specialists are working in the school for students to have learned their subject. Therefore, teachers need to speak not only in the classroom but also in the everyday Life in the Belarusian language. Would absolutely normal when, for example, during a meeting with graduates of the teacher asks a question: "Have I taught you not to his subject? Is my business was in vain? "

The teacher said that he offered to teach chemistry in the Belarusian language. However, officials have refused all this. But the situation can quickly improve, and that's just the efforts of the Belarusian language teachers:

"It is believed that the solution to the language problem ten years. But I think that will be enough to one-quarter to start the machine. Children to know — to get a good evaluation it is important to know the subject, assimilate it. And if the oral communication skills, they will find themselves where they apply. Can not be that intellectual achievements were unclaimed. "

Vitebsk Region

Vacancies for teachers 442 and sent 557 graduates

Boarding school in the village Luchay

By the beginning of the new academic year in the Vitebsk region have closed 10 schools — one average, four basic, five primary and auxiliary Varapaevskuyu boarding school. Most educational institutions have been reduced Belarusian-language.

Basic school in the village we find that on Postavschine was also Belarusian-language. Now the kids have to get a dozen kilometers to school in the agro Dunilovichi, said the mother of the student-drugaklyasnika Mrs. Teresa:

parents are very upset that our school time — and closed …

"School kids we had 15-16 people.'s A lot. And this year, all in Dunilovichi going. Dunilavichah have agro, new school, great. But the fact is that our children are small. And in the same village two more families 'and arrived there two children should go to school. Therefore, parents are very upset that our school time — and shut down. "

The former school building promised to pass the local church. But not yet delivered — just cut off electricity. Locals say that it would be more appropriate to close the school in the village of Old Court — where students and less, and the learning environment for worse.

In general, for Postavschine closed to most schools are not compared with other areas of the Vitebsk region. Last year, ceased to exist Belarusian-language schools in the villages Karalinova, Sergeyevich, gender, Sholina, Kharkov. This year — the school in Ray and Varapaevskaya boarding school.

Teachers of these schools were assigned to other institutions. Someone offered a job in a kindergarten, where wages are even lower than in school. The total number of schools as a result of reductions in the Vitebsk region permanent job lost 136 people.

According to the dismissed last year a former teacher of the Belarusian language Sergei So
, who worked at a school in the village of Cauchy Vitebsk region, reducing school authorities justify the reduction in the number of students, but the real current situation in education no one has studied and do not count:

"These processes need to be considered: the availability of schools, the presence of students, the availability of teachers. Should be done by a private think tank. But we have no such. And the teacher should take the rap for everything: for all research institutes and resource centers. After all, the education system we have remained at the level of the 20-ies of the last century! Yet even then it was better: how many poets and writers came after training in the then Belarusian schools! "

Oleg Trusov

The situation with the Russian language teaching BLS says the chairman of the F. Scorina Oleg Trusov:

"The overall picture remains as before — nothing good will happen. Ministry of Education is not doing anything to create Belarusian schools and classes. So I think that is unlikely to happen this year, what improvement. To although it was not worse."



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