Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type «Nimitz»

Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type

Impact nuclear aircraft carrier «John C. Stennis» together with ships outposts oriented to the Persian Gulf … Nuclear aircraft carrier «George Bush» thrown to the coast of Syria. 3rd … U.S. aircraft carrier arrived in the Middle East.
From the information in the last year

Despite the obvious danger from their own shores, the Islamic Republic of Iran coolly announced the launch of 180 centrifuges to enrich uranium. South American carrier battle groups do nothing to twist off the coast of Near East and headed to his native Norfolk Naval Base …
Every time the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers «muscle-flexing» on the public, on their decks inevitably there is a «slap» from those they had to scare. «Non-democratic regimes» do not seem to notice the terrible 100,000-ton ships and conduct its own independent policy, not embarrassed standing on the roads, «Nimitz» nuclear power plant.
— What force, brother?
— Power — the truth.
Why nobody is afraid of nuclear aircraft carriers of «Nimitz»? How the United States sweep the face of the earth whole countries? Neuzh that Iran knows a secret that allows for themselves so lightly react to the presence of U.S. carrier battle ships?

Misconception number 1. Alterations to the coast 5 «Nimitz» and …

And South American pilots wash the blood. All the arguments about the power of the U.S. Navy carrier-based aircraft — «force projection», «500 aircraft», «at any moment, in at least some parts of the globe» — are in fact fantasies impressionable townsfolk.

Misconception number 2. Five hundred aircraft! This is not a pound of raisins!

Let’s start with the more well-known myth: nuclear aircraft carrier decks can be built 80 … 90 … 100 (one more?) Decked aircraft, which, naturally, can smash into pieces small country.
The reality was far more prosaic: if all clutter in aviation and space flight hangar decks, then «Nimitz», at a theoretical level, it is possible to «push» 85-90 aircraft. Obviously, no one does that, otherwise any great difficulty in moving the aircraft and preparation for their departures.

Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type

In practice, the number of wing «Nimitz» occasionally exceed the value of 50-60 aircraft, among which only 30-40 fighter-bombers F/A-18 «Hornet» («SuperHornet»). All other — providing planes 4 aircraft electronic warfare aircraft distant 3-4 Airborne Warning and Control E-2 «Hawkeye» may be the presence of 1-2 transport aircraft C-2 «Greyhound». In the end, the squadron of 8-10 ASW and search and rescue helicopters (evacuation of downed pilots — not an easy task).
Ultimately, even the 5 super-carriers «Nimitz» almost able to put more than 150-200 drum machines and 40 combat support aircraft. But is not that a lot?

Misconception number 3. Carriers captured half the world!

250 combat vehicles — a negligible amount. In «Operation Desert Storm in the Glass» was involved … 2600 combat aircraft (excluding helicopters thousand)! Specifically demanded that aviation as «a little» bomb Iraq.
Take the scale of operation is much smaller — Yugoslavia, 1999. Total in the bombing of Serbia took part about 1000 aircraft of NATO! Of course, the background of this indescribable amount of equipment, the contribution from a single deck aircraft carrier «Theodore Roosevelt» was merely symbolic — only 10% of completed tasks. By the way, heavy-duty aircraft carrier «Roosevelt» started to perform combat missions only on the 12th day of the war.

Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type

Trying to solve at least some local conflict by several carriers completed catastrophically — deck-based aircraft are not able to provide the desired density bombing, she is not strong enough, so without the help of others to organize a decent cover. Part of the fighter-bombers will be used as air tankers, further reducing the already not enough number of drum machines. As a result, at a meeting with more or less prepared adversary (Iraq 1991 standard) — the enemy aircraft and air defenses will kill aviakryle «Nimitz» in the same first day of the war.

Misconception number 4. Floating nest anger and robbery

1300 combat sorties a day — the intensity of air strikes during Operation «Desert Storm» is striking. Every few hours the Iraqi countryside rolled deadly wave of 400-600 aircraft. Of course, that even 10 superavianostsev type «Nimitz» is not able to perform the amount of work; they are weak, like puppies, before the power of ground-based tactical aviation.

In 1997, during the international exercise JTFEX 97-2 aircraft with nuclear aircraft carrier «Nimitz» set the record — 197 sorties a day. But, as always happens in exercises, «achievement» aircraft carrier «Nimitz» was obvious ostentation arranged before the highest authorities. Departures were made at a distance of less than 200 miles, and some planes just soared from an aircraft carrier, made overflew the foremast and immediately landed on the deck. All have reason to believe that these «combat missions» was accomplished empty — indeed, why cling tons of bombs under the wings and PTB, if the purpose of the exercise is not hitting, and holy figure of 200 sorties (by the way, has not been achieved).

In practice, martial criteria aviakryle «Nimitz» occasionally make over 100 flights a day. Just «cheap Ponte» amidst thousand sorties aviation multinational forces during «Operation Desert Storm.»

And that’s not all. Main problem of aircraft carriers in that deck aircraft inferior to the great features of «land» aircraft — fighter-bomber «Hornet» just a joke on the background of the multipurpose F-15E «Strike Eagle». Unfortunate «Hornet» is not even able to lift large bombs (restriction on flights from the deck!), While, as F-15E prances in the sky with 4 900-kg ammunition (excluding mounted fuel tanks, containers and missile sighting «air-air»).

Well, it becomes clear why the super-carriers of the U.S. Navy did not dare to intervene and prevent the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi army in the summer of 1990. Generally deck-based aircraft then showed amazing passivity and never even tried to overcome the Iraqi air defenses. «Invincible» aircraft carriers waiting patiently for half a year while in the Gulf does not appear millionth grouping the International Coalition in 2600 with the support of combat aircraft and 7,000 armored vehicles.

Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type

Truly — majestic «invaders» and «thieves.» Contribution of the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers in world conflicts is invaluable: Iraq — 17% of the total number of aircraft sorties, Yugoslavia — 10% of all air sorties, Libya — 0%. Disgrace.
In 2011, Americans were ashamed to invite «Nimitz» in the Mediterranean Sea, Colonel Gaddafi «pressed» by 150 aircraft from air bases in Europe.

Misconception number 5. Nuclear reactor turns «Nimitz» in superweapon.

The cause of the nuclear reactor on the aircraft carriers is ordinary — the desire to raise the pace of aircraft production and, especially, the intensity increment of carrier-based aircraft. The trick is that in order to effectively perform strike missions, the aircraft should soar in groups of 15-20 (and even Pobol) machines for small clearance time. Stretch this process is unacceptable — a small delay will lead to a situation where the first pair is already above the target, and the last pair of aircraft will only be ready to take off from a catapult.

As a result, a small clearance time required to provide a variety of superheated steam catapults. Disperse two 10-ka 20-ton combat vehicles to a speed of 200 km / h — the energy required is not so small that a common carrier GEMs slows right to a full stop — all steam «off» from the catapults twist turbine is nothing. The Yankees tried to solve the problem, perched on an aircraft carrier nuclear steam supply system.

What a shame it did not sound, despite the inflated performance NSSS, instead of effective «floating airfield» Americans got «vundervafli» with the current cycle 40 billion. dollars in current prices (for promising aircraft carriers of «Ford», this amount will increase by 1.5-2 times). And that’s just the cost of construction, maintenance and operation of the ship! Prices excluding aircraft, jet fuel and aviation ordnance.

Even twofold increase in the number of sorties — right up to 197 per day (rekord!) did not help improve the situation — deck-based aircraft was a grim sight in any of the local conflicts of the past 50 years.

Nuclear power plant, together with its countless circuits, bio protection kit and the whole production plant occupies double-distilled water is not so little space that any discussion about saving space due to lack of fuel tanks with fuel oil, just not to the point.
Increased capacity of jet fuel tanks (with 6,000 tons in non-nuclear AB type «Kitty Hawk» to 8500 tonnes at the nuclear «Nimitz») mainly explained significant increase displacement — with 85,000 tons of «Kitty Hawk» to more than 100 000 tonnes at the nuclear aircraft carrier. By the way, the capacity of ammunition cellars at times more like non-nuclear ship.

In the end, all the advantages of unlimited autonomy to ship the supplies of fuel lost during the action in the squadron — nuclear aircraft carrier «Nimitz» accompanies escort of destroyers and cruisers with ordinary, non-nuclear power plant.

Nuclear reactor aboard U.S. aircraft carriers-expensive and useless extravagance, bad influence on survival of the ship, but having nothing fundamentally values. Despite the best efforts of the Yankees, striking power of the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers is still at the level of the plinth.

Misconception number 6. USS is needed for the war on foreign shores.

Evidence nullity military value of aircraft carriers more than enough. In fact, the inhabitants of the Pentagon understand it even better of us, so in local conflicts rely heavily on U.S. military bases in the amount of 800 units in all the continents of the Earth.

But how to fight, in the absence of zabugornyh military bases? The answer is plain: no way. If you do not have air bases in South America, to conduct a local war on the other side of the world is unreal. No aircraft carriers and amphibious «Mistral» will not change heels conventional airfields with a two-kilometer «Betonka.»

Unique Falklands War (1982) — no argument. British marines landed on virtually uninhabited islands in the languid air of opposition from the Argentine Air Force. Rip landing Argentines could not — Argentine fleet proved absolutely neboesposoben and hid in the databases.

Another fascinating myth plays the role of a modern aircraft carrier cruiser colonial British Empire in Zanzibar.

Though the 100,000 tons of «diplomacy» inspire — imperial view of aircraft carrier «Nimitz» should cause a nightmare and flutter in the hearts of unfortunate natives. Nuclear «vundervafli», part of which at least zabugorny port lures to attract attention for all the local media and inspires respect for the natives America, showing the world the U.S. Technical benefits.

What a shame it did not sound, even the role of a «symbol of the military might of the United States’ aircraft carriers was not under force!

In 1-x, carriers of the «Nimitz» simply disappears against other principal events: the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in Europe, the deployment of air defense system «Patriot» on the border with Syria — all this is far greater global resonance, if another stupid campaign Navy aircraft carrier U.S. into the Arabian Sea. For example, people in the country of the rising sun more trevozhut continuing outrage with the U.S. Marines Futenma base on the island. Okinawa than an aircraft carrier «George Washington», quietly rusting at the pier in Yokosuka (South American naval base in the suburbs of Tokyo).

Bluff and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type
Ordinary state of the aircraft carrier USS

In-2, U.S. Navy aircraft carriers ordinarily can not do the role of «colonial cruiser in Zanzibar», due to lack of aircraft carriers … in Zanzibar. Paradoxically, but the fact is — the main living atomic giants peacefully asleep at the piers in their own rear bases in Norfolk and San Diego, or are able to polurazobrannom docks Brementona and Newport News.

Operation overhead carriers so that the U.S. Navy admirals will think seven times before the giant send to distant campaign.
In the end, that «induce a bluff» is not necessarily burn dorogushchie uranium rods and contain 3,000 sailors — to «show the flag» is sometimes quite 1st visit cruisers or destroyers (readers will remember how much fuss visit torn South American headquarters ship «Mount Whitney «Sevastopol).


Prepyadstviya carrier aviation began with the emergence of jet engines. Growth Dimensions, weight and landing speed jets caused inevitable increase the size of aircraft carriers. With all of this size and price of aircraft carrier ships grew significantly faster than the combat effectiveness of these monsters. Ultimately, by the end of the twentieth century carriers reincarnated as terrible inefficient «vundervafli» worthless as in local conflicts and in a hypothetical nuclear war.

Second blow to the carrier-based aircraft was struck during the Korean War — cleverly learned to refuel planes in the air. The emergence of air tankers and refueling systems for tactical aircraft led to the fact that modern fighter-bombers may well act at a distance of thousands of miles from his native airfield. They do not need aircraft carriers and «airfields» — massive «Strike Needles» capable overnight preletet Channel, shoot over Europe and the Mediterranean, to throw out four tons of bombs on the Libyan desert — and before dawn back to the airbase in England.

The only «narrow» niche, in which can be used in modern aircraft carriers — air defense squadron in the open ocean. But to solve the problems of defensive power «Nimitz» sverhizbytochna. To provide air defense ship connections quite easy with a pair of aircraft carrier fighter squadrons AWACS and helicopters. Without any nuclear reactors and sophisticated catapults. (A real example of such a system — British aircraft carriers under construction such as «Queen Elizabeth»).

But most importantly, such conflicts are rare only — 70 years have passed since the end of the second World War, naval war occurred only at one point. Refers to the Falklands War in the South Atlantic. By the way, at that time the Argentine side without its aircraft carriers — having only aircraft refueling and AWACS aircraft only («Neptune» reference 1945), Argentine pilots on outdated subsonic «Skyhawk», which is operated at a distance of hundreds of kilometers from the coast and in Finally, just not «kill» the third part of Her Majesty’s squadron.

Bluff and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type
Golf basketball. The most appropriate use for vundervafli price 6000000000. bucks

The «Nimitz» and amphibious assault ships of the U.S. Navy on February 20, 2013. Eight of the 10 types of aircraft carriers «Nimitz» flag proudly display in their home ports (in homeport) and shipyards. Regular walks along the coast of the United States and only one is in the position in the Arabian Sea.
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