Brazil may get its nuclear submarine

Brazil may get its nuclear submarine

Brazil is going to
join the group of states in which there are nuclear-powered submarine, said on Friday President Dilma Roussef. Roussef stressed that Brazil is a peaceful state, but also the needs and remedies as deterrents reasons. Not so long ago, Brazil has commissioned the latest naval shipyard in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where the first submarine of the country with a nuclear facility will be built in collaboration with France.

«We can say that with these settings we enter into the select club of states — owners of nuclear submarines: the United States, our homeland, France, England and China,» said Rousseff.

In accordance with existing agreements, France shall deliver to Brazil 4 ordinary submarines and assist in the development of the first component is not nuclear submarine torpedo.

Brazil already requested uranium enrichment technology in order to produce nuclear fuel and  use it to bring the submarine into action. Programm «ProSub» price of 7.8 billion reais ($ 3.95 billion) will be designed to protect the 8,500-kilometer coastline of the country and large deepwater oil supplies. Ministry of Defence said that the first of four ordinary class submarines «Scorpene» will be delivered to the Brazilian Navy in 2017, while the nuclear-powered ship will be commissioned in 2023. «Scorpene» 75 meters in length — is a diesel-electric attack submarine, built naval defense company French DCNS, as a multi-purpose submarine, including anti-submarine warfare, conduct special operations and reconnaissance. France also participates in the tender for the conclusion of the contract assessed between $ 4 and $ 7 billion for the supply of 36 multi-role combat aircraft designed to modernize the Brazilian Air Force.

Chances of winning fighter Rafale, built by the French company Dassault increased significantly against the South American giant «Boeing» with his «F/A-18 Super Hornet» and «Saab» with a fighter «Gripen»

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