Brest residents celebrated the receipt of Magdeburg law

Activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" laid flowers at the memorial plaque in honor of the city gained the right to self-government on the corner of the Soviet and Mayakovsky.

Brest received Magdeburg rights August 15, 1390, the second in the vast ON after Vilnius.

Senior researcher at the museum "Redeemed values" Brest Sergei Bytskevich, evaluating this historic event, said:

"Getting the Magdeburg law — quite an important and distinctive event in the history of the city. However, so far this day not properly marked. But time should change the attitude to history. "

According to Magdeburg law in Brest has appeared pleased that controls the life of the city, created economic independence from feadalav. At the head of the city stood Voight, who submitted only to the prince ON.

A fixture in the city with Magdeburg Law was City Hall. Sergei Bytskevich says that, according to historians, Brest town hall stood in what is now the fortress, which previously was the old city. More precisely — for the modern Monument "Courage."

Bytskevich"City Hall in Brest was destroyed by the Russian authorities after the partition of Poland, as well as on the territory of Belarus. Thus destroys memory, independence, and belonging to the European culture. "


Tell the truth

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