Brotherhood, oiled

For the first half of Belarus by almost half cut oil imports from Russia — by 49.8% in annual terms. These are official figures announced by the National Statistics Committee. At the beginning of the year, after a long debate, Moscow and Minsk signed an agreement under which Russia has confirmed the introduction of duties on most of the oil to Belarus. As a result, the government said that Russia is violating previously signed, and Belarus will have to significantly reduce the volume of purchases and shift to Venezuelan crude. In parallel, the Ministry of Justice of Belarus filed a lawsuit against the government of Russia in the CIS Economic Court.

According to the statistical agency, in the first half of the year Belarus has cut oil imports from Russia to 6.5 million tons. In fact, this volume, which according to the Belarusian-Russian agreement of Belarus receives duty-free.

To compensate for the reduction of imports from Russia, Belarus from May experiencing various schemes of oil supplies from Venezuela. Most of the tanker arrives in Ukrainian ports, one unloaded in Estonia, and the most recent was sent to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, where the oil will travel by rail to Novopolotsk "Naftan". The volume of test batch, as in previous cases, is about 80,000 tons. Altogether, according to the Lithuanian side, the possibility of transporting 2 million tonnes of Venezuelan oil.

It is said that the oil trade with Venezuela are shrouded in mystery. So far not officially told at what price Belarus purchases raw materials overseas. Silent on this issue at a press conference kept and Ambassador of Venezuela to Belarus Americo Diaz Nunez. Only with reference to the government media sources claim that the price of output — more than $ 600 per ton. While the price of Russian oil, after the introduction of fees increased by 37%, does not hold up to $ 400.

An expert in the field of energy, Alexander Fur convinced that cheap oil from Venezuela can not be in principle. So the place to talk only about the self-interest of those who lobbied the project:

Ales Fur

"By and large, the Venezuelan oil — is heavy oil. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. And under this oil to actually build a separate plant. Therefore, it is not so easy, because it's a process. But I am convinced that no economic viability in this case does not have to look for. When this project and will be developed, they will be taken into account only the interests of Hugo Chavez and Alexander Lukashenko, more draws. It does not take into account the interests of any Venezuelans or the interests of Belarusians. "

The sharp shift towards Venezuela has led to the fact that Belarus has considerably reduced the production of its own oil, reducing their exports by 40%. In late June, the disappointing trend recognized and the first vice-premier of the Belarusian government Vladimir Semashko they say, after, Russia introduced a 100 percent export duty for Belarus, the country's refining capacity load is reduced to 70%.

According to economist Stanislav Husak, Belarus is the logical result of his ill-conceived economic policies. According to him, the idea of diversification of supply of raw materials was born too late, so quickly and completely shut down the Russian direction will not work physically. But try to get rid of dependence on its eastern neighbor still need to:

Stanislav Husak

"That there was such a relationship, we need to build the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoirs, it is necessary to build their terminals for liquefied natural gas. Short, you need to have their terminals to transport crude oil and natural gas, and then everything will be normal, then we will be independent. This basis, we talked about this in BNF 20 years ago. way, we not only expressed any political opinions, and it was conceptually: projects have been developed engineering multinational companies, which were to take the issue to the territory. fact, this area of the Great Duchy of Lithuania — if delve into the story. And I think that no such state existed by chance, as it is under the soil is not only political but also economic. I think that it was right, and now we need to think of an economic union. "

In March, the Ministry of Justice of Belarus has asked the CIS Economic Court with a claim of illegality of export duties on oil products and raw materials from Russia. Consideration of the case after several postponements scheduled for September, and before this Court rejected a number of petitions Minsk. In particular, the Belarusian side insisted that was a ban on charging fees to the resolution of a dispute.

By 2009, Belarus was buying Russian oil, paying a third of the size of the export duty. Such preferential supply allowed the Belarusian oil products to be competitive in foreign markets. However, This year, Russia radically changed the terms, demanding payment of the registration fee in full. Duty-free, Moscow agreed to supply 6.3 million tons of oil for domestic needs of the country. Belarus estimated loss from such a step in the $ 2 billion.



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