Brownie secret communication with the home

October 3, 2012 22:05

Everyone knows that the real owner of the house is a house. If the house angry at something or dislikes of people living in the house, their existence would be difficult to name a calm. Must comply with certain secret communication with the home that he felt well and did not try to hurt people.

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First you need to say that with the home, you can talk out loud. If other family members such behavior may seem strange, the owner of the house can communicate with the home, to ask him about something, to promise him something delicious, or a new toy.
Spoiled little houses can scold and say, "Ah-ah-ah! This adult and frolic like a baby! ". Brownies will be ashamed, and he will try to make amends.

In the kitchen, under the battery for house can put a beautiful dish for treats. Especially loves sweets brownie, milk and porridge. Clover usually fed infrequently brownie, two times a year. But the candy, sugar, cookies or jam to feed brownie every first of the month.
If you live in the house pets that can touch a treat for house, then you need to clean it on a saucer in the fridge or a nook. Before putting domovenka meal, I must say that this is for you, grandfather domoveyushka. Feeding brownie, you make the atmosphere in the house is more happy and relaxed, and the relationships between people in the household are significantly better.
Food that you need then treated brownie throw or give cats or dogs. Gruel is given on the next day, and sweets may lie for a whole month, until the next first day.
The landlord must determine for house where he could hide, or some sleep. Most often, he finds a house for himself a place and just shows where he wanted to live. In this case, you need to be lenient and let the house-to live where he wants it.
At night on the table should not be piercing and cutting objects, sharp products (forks, knives, scissors, salt, pepper, garlic, onion), as these items will prevent house-fight against evil forces. Despite the fact that the house is a cousin of the hell, it protects people and fights with the devil. Do not create unnecessary obstacles to his little quarterback.
There are times when people can not agree with the home and he did not give him peace of mind. In this case, the houses can be swept away. To do this, a broom to sweep all the floors, looking into all the hidden corners. It should be saying:
"Sweeps you, another harmful house, drives».
However, the need to expel brownie as a last resort, you must first try to negotiate with them in various ways. Remember that without homes to live in the house is bad.
Brownie loves to play. Most of all it attracts old beads, jewelry, beads, shiny buttons, old coins. All of these items can be folded in a beautiful box and place for house in a secret place. No one should touch the box and its contents. The box itself can be sewn from old postcards, glossy papers, etc.
Most often treated the brownie, "Grandpa", "Grandpa domoveyushka", "host-father", "house-father", "sir-house."
If you are able to make contact with the home and keep all the secrets of communication with the home, you will be surprised how much your life at home better. Relationships between family members become calmer, friendlier, warmer. As a consequence, all will become much more successful.
Sometimes people have to move to a new location, and they want to take a brownie. How to do it?
Call with a brownie in several ways, in this article we will look at two of them.
You can just take an old broom, a little sweep floors them, saying, "Uncle-house! Get on a broom, went to a new manner of life with me. "
It is then necessary to put the broom broom down to an empty bag. At the bottom of the bag, place newspaper or a warm shawl. The bag does not close at night and in the morning can take away the bag to a new place, not looking inside.
The second way:
You need to put on the night just open the bag and say, "My father-house, go with me to the new house on the economy».
In the morning the room to enter his back, not to see brownie, close the bag and say, "Well, good luck!".
At the new place to open the bag and get brownie invite: "Send already, father-house. Be the master. " The bag should be placed in a dark room in the corner or in the closet or under the bed.
If all of the secrets of communication with the home, life in the house is quiet and pleasant.

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