Censorship by freeloading


The presidential decree number 60 continues to irritate the minds of the Belarusian Internet community. The most common diagnosis — the intrigues of the next dictatorship to suppress the last remnants of free speech, which found its home in the virtual world of the Universal pavuchynnya.

This attitude of democratically minded public is understandable. In the words the hero of an American film, everything, "what they do these types — already suspicious. "

But I do not agree with this approach.

With all the efforts of the Belarusian authorities to demonstrate ideological interest, it looks like this is not very convincing. Take the Belarusian Republican Youth Union. Hardly anyone today would argue that for the alleged ideological façade are the basic economic interests of its leaders and members. So with the decree number 60 — so far we see a purely economic factor. This becomes obvious if we take the ideological glasses.

With the decree number 60 associated two aspects: content filtering and registration of sites with forced it back on the Belarusian land.

Let us examine first. Responsible for this OAC has already expressed that introduces censorship in ByNet will not be, "There is no censorship in ByNet will not. Belarus is not ready regulations or initiatives that would have been directed at it." The representative of the OAC also noted that the decree "On approval of the Regulation on the procedure for restricting user access to Internet services information prohibited for distribution in accordance with the legislation" does not provide content filtering.

So what about the facts of content filtering in state institutions and in the field of education and culture, you ask? But here there is no "Atrocities of the regime." No one complains about the "gebnya" if the private firm spiteful admin ban access to the office plankton "Classmates" and various questionable sites. This is the right of an employer who pays money to its employees, to limit their access to resources that are not directly related to the job.

If you google, you can find more such examples in the most democratic western countries.

So it is here. Just as is the state of the company — the employer. That is our state, or a firm such as this one. If an employee of the state wants to have complete freedom of access to the necessary resources to it, nothing prevents him from doing it at home or through a personal cell phone or laptop. Their withdrawal decree number 60 does not provide. Personal, stress, since mobile phone service or a laptop fall under the state the means of production.

Where is the economic factor? First, in theory (after all, you can spend time in the smoking room) dyarsluzhbovtsy will devote more time to work, instead of reading gossip in social networks (not to mention opposition websites because they do not stand in the list of the most read Belarusians content). Secondly, there will be paid by the state to spend money still expensive traffic to visit the "left" sites. The same is true of educational institutions — pupils and students must attend educational resources, not parnushnyya. Third, employees dyarzhkantorav an incentive to connect to the Internet from home, that would be beneficial for their home. Providers will receive extra money while increasing internet penetration in the country. The economic factor in its purest form.

Now consider the second fact — the registration of sites with forced it back on the Belarusian land. Here, in addition to cash payment no other motive there. Instead of paying money overseas gosteram, Belarusian companies and entrepreneurs (private owners are free gastsitstsa anywhere) will support domestic producers, that is native Beltelekom that people built on a number of powerful data centers. In addition, there will be "run away" abroad valuable traffic, and access to resources in Belarus is cheaper (in some cases even free), and faster. Solid economic benefit to the perspective State. Of course, this creates a problem for private gosterav, but we are talking about the economic factor, but not the intrigues of dictatorship.

Besides, as it turned out, the dictatorship is not very zverstvue with the implementation of the decree. Despite the registration deadline July 1, as of August 5, there were only 22 million Internet resources with 65,000 sites BYnet. Of course, not all of them should be recorded and unrecorded but no one has been turned off, and to them until the owners riot broke. Great detail about the process the director Sergei HOSTER.BY Povalishev.

To all the above add another increase in the number of different professionals and services involved in the implementation of the decree number 60. How many people get a job, and related companies and organizations more revenue! Solid economic positive.

PS Read this blog on the service computer can harm your economic interests.


Decree number 60

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