Character death in the skies over Siberia. Continuation of Part 6

February 8, 1993 at 10-13 am at the airport in Tehran, the Tu-154 N 91A-903 airline Iran Air collided during takeoff from the Iranian Air Force fighter Su-22, which at this time due to an error dispatchers came in to land on the same band. Killing 132 passengers and crew Tu-154M — everyone who was on board and the pilot of attack aircraft.
September 22, 1993 near Sukhumi was shot down by a missile Abkhaz rebels Tu-154B N SSSR-85163 company "Transaero, Georgia." The airliner crashed on the runway and burst into flames. Of the 12 crew members were killed 6 people, from 129 passengers — 100.
January 3, 1994 at 6.58 am local time in Irkutsk crashed Tu-154 N RA-85656 Irkutsk airline that flies the route from Irkutsk to Moscow. At a distance of 4 km from the airport collapsed starter motor N2. The brigade did not notice the problem and continued flying. In the meantime, part of the starter damaged fuel lines and oil lines. At a distance of 30 km from the runway, the captain reported a fire engine, and then, after the decision to return to the airport of Irkutsk — the loss of control. Tu-154 has fallen about 11 km from the runway, near the village of Momony on the livestock farm. One farm worker was killed, another was wounded. 9 crew members (four flight attendants) and 111 passengers, including one child, 17 foreigners — citizens of China, Germany, Austria, India and Japan — were killed. On board was the supply of fuel to the 5:00 flight, the plane was in the air 12 minutes.
June 6, 1994 China crashed Tu-154 N 86A-740 of China Northwest Airlines. The plane broke up in flight 10 minutes after take-off. Autopilot caused oscillations in which the aircraft is very much shaken. Channel autopilot rudder charge was erroneously connected to control roll and roll control channel — a rudder. All 14 crew members and 146 passengers were killed.
December 7, 1995 5-20 am in the mountains of the Far East, the plane crashed Tu-154 N RA-85164. Killed 96 people. The plane took off at 2.45 from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk heading Khabarovsk. On board were 88 passengers, including five children and eight crew members. 3.11 In connection with the aircraft suddenly broke off, it disappeared from radar screens. On the same day of the Far East Regional Emergency Center received information that a 75 km west of the village Grossevichi, located on the coast of the Gulf of Tatar, recorded glow and a plume of smoke. In these areas have taken off search parties. The wreckage of the crashed Tu-154 were discovered December 18, 1995 a few dozen kilometers from the coast of the Tatar Strait. It turned out that the fuel supply crew carried out only from the right wing to compensate for the constant wind from the left. As a result, the plane too twisted to the right, and he went into a spiral spin. All 97 people (including 8 crew members) died.
August 29, 1996 10-30 Tu-154 N RA-85621, which belonged to "Vnukovo Airlines", during a storm was approaching the airport Longiyr (Spitsbergen). Instead of the usual route of excretion, which included turning over the ocean, the crew chose the road that unfolds through a narrow valley, hoping that there will be less bumpy. The plane crashed on a mountain Operafellet at an altitude of 950 m, it reached 7 nautical miles from the airport. All 11 crew members and 130 Russian miners trust "Arcticugol" flying on the job to work in the Russian mine, located in Svalbard, were killed.
September 13, 1997 disaster with the Tu-154 took place in Namibia. The plane, which belonged to the Luftwaffe (previously — GDR) and flying to South Africa on the wrong altitude, collided with a U.S. Air Force C-141 Starlifter. Killing all passengers and crew of the Tu-154 (24 people) and 9 crew members C-141. By aggravating causes of the disaster are also poor maintenance procedure flights from Luanda airport control tower and bad local terrestrial communications.
December 15, 1997 while trying to land at the airport Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, crashed and burned Tu-154B-1 N EY-85281 Tajik airlines. By accident resulted in numerous errors crew. Not complied with the height prescribed in the recent negotiations with the dispatcher, crew fatigue and getting into the turbulence led to a clash with the hilly terrain of 500 meters to the runway. Of the seven crew members survived only one. All 79 passengers were killed.
August 29, 1998 13-00 from the airport of Quito, Ecuador, flew Tu-154 N CU-T1264 of Cubana de Aviacion. The plane had problems with engines, because of which he twice failed to take off. On the third attempt, the plane took off a few feet, but then fell off the strip, rolled out its limit, crashed into a car shop located behind her and stood on the football field. According to reports, denied one of the engines. All 14 crew members and 56 of the 76 passengers were killed. February 24, 1999 there was an accident with the Tu-154 N 90A-846, owned by China Southwest Airlines. The plane, flying from Chengdu to Wenzhou, fell to the ground not far from Wenzhou Airport. According to witnesses, the plane began to fall from a height of about 800 meters, stuck his nose in the ground and exploded. Eyewitnesses reported that before the fall of the plane's engines was smoke. On board was 61 people, all of whom died. In the fall of an airplane a few farmers were seriously injured and suffered burns.
July 4, 2001 at 2 am near Irkutsk while landing 20 km from the airport and 5 km from the village Burdakovka crashed airliner Tu-154 N RA-85845, flying from Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok. The crew brought the aircraft to a landing with almost full deflection wheel. As a result, the liner is too abruptly slowed down and fell into a tailspin with a height of less than 1 km. All nine crew members and 136 passengers were killed. Immediately after the fall of the aircraft fuel tanks exploded, and then burned to the ground plane. Russian Emergencies Ministry has confirmed the deaths of all passengers and crew members.
October 4, 2001 near Novorossiysk in the explosion crashed and fell into the Black Sea in 185 kilometers from Sochi passenger aircraft Tu-154M N 85693 airline "Siberia" following a flight to Tel Aviv — Novosibirsk. The airliner disappeared from radar screens in 13 hours and 45 minutes. Explosion noticed commander flying near the An-24 Armenian airline. The sea depth at the site of the supposed fall of the liner is one kilometer. The plane was shot down by a missile S-200 during target practice air defense forces of Ukraine, held at Cape Opuk in the Crimea. Killed 12 crew members and 66 passengers, including 51 Israeli citizen.
February 12, 2002 in Iran as a result of the crash of Tu-154 were killed 117 people — 105 passengers and 12 crew members. The plane, which belonged to the airline "Iraneyr Tours" made flight Tehran — Khorramabad. The liner fell in Lorestan province, 400 kilometers south-west of Tehran.
July 2, 2002 in Germany as a result of the collision of the Russian passenger Tu-154 plane, belonging to "Bashkirian Airlines' cargo and" Boeing-757 "international courier service DHL killed 71 people (52 of them — students from Bashkiria, flying on holiday in Spain.)
August 24, 2004 in Russian skies crash occurred just two passenger jets emitted from the Moscow airport "Domodedovo". In the Rostov region crashed Tu-154 of airline "Siberia." Liner performing flight Moscow — Sochi. Almost simultaneously in the Tula region fell Tu-134 "Volga-Aviaekspress" following flight Moscow — Volgograd. As a result of two accidents killed 90 people. Later investigation revealed that the two aircraft were blown terrorist.
August 22, 2006 fell near Donetsk Airlines Tu-154 "Pulkovo" following a flight Anapa — St. Petersburg. 169 people were killed. Causes of the ac
cident are being investigated.
September 2, 2006 in the Iranian city of Mashhad caught fire while landing airliner Tu-154. When boarding the plane burst tire of one of the landing gear, the plane ran off the runway, crashed into a guardrail and caught fire. On board were 148 passengers. The Iranian representative, the 97 passengers on the plane survived, and the other "dead or had been hospitalized in critical condition." According to some reports, 29 people were killed.

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