Check for varicose veins: the experiment on himself

By phlebologist I was going for a long time, but slowly. Suspected causes small vascular mesh, marked on the inside of the lower leg. From a beautician on this occasion I heard: "We'll simply remove it by laser." But before you start the procedure, it was interesting what he would say on that score phlebologist. Just for comparison.

First, as usual, had to fill out a questionnaire, indicating a fair amount of information about themselves. These included: information about the drugs you are taking, including hormonal contraceptives, about fractures, flat feet, pregnancy (former, current or planned), the age, weight and bad habits. In the end it was necessary to specify the subject of concern. At the moment I'm not worried about the pain and swelling, and perhaps worried that the aesthetic aspect of the issue.

About how research is conducted phlebological, I knew a little bit. Specifically — that any patient study shines cross veins. Information about how prolonged, painful (and maybe even bloody), this procedure, I did not have.

Home inspection was awake: no pants, standing on the couch, I have to show a leg for visual inspection. Then we started the Doppler — the very same study cross-veins. In practice it turned out to be very similar to the ultrasound: lie on your back, sometimes the team doctor holds his breath, and as the sound you hear the noise of his own blood in the speakers. All this procedure allows to measure the speed of blood flowing through the veins, to assess the state of the valves of large veins.

First conclusion: a study of vascular permeability took about 10 minutes and was nothing to worry about and painless.

While I was lying and not without pleasure digested phrase: "On the right foot valve works fine", it turned out that we have a second part of the survey: transillumination, that is a special lamp-raying feet. It looks very unorthodox: the lights in the room, and nothing more to distract us from the contemplation of section legs, highlighted reddish light beam. In this light spot perfectly looming problem vessels. It turned out that not all of me so smoothly. If your right foot could even send the Olympic Games, the left was less fortunate: the varices at the initial stage. And the main thing — absolutely no problems were found in the place where the notorious loomed vascular net, spodvignuvshaya me to visit phlebologist.

Non-surgical method of dealing with varicose veins — Sclerotherapy — allows using glue injection varicose veins and thereby "bring them out of the game."

The procedures selected depending on the stage of the disease. Available online consultation.

The second conclusion is not all problems with blood vessels visible to the naked eye.

Alas, on the agenda was a question: "Can I jump to varicose veins?" Blends in with the other: "What to do now? '. The discussion of these pressing problems we have engaged with Dr. Igor Alexandrovich Carenko.

Probably everyone who is on the threshold of the disease, it expects to pay off the prophylaxis or radical change of lifestyle. For example, at the first sign of gastritis — rapidly move to oatmeal, and from bronchitis can be bought off, quit smoking.

With varicose veins, everything is fundamentally differently. If I were a fan of Zen, it would say that varicose veins — this is the way. Simply put, if illness began, no preventive measures, no diet, sports, venotonics application will not be able to block it. Varices will develop. According to statistics, one in four is enough 11 years to go from the beginning of the disease to disability — on condition that he not lift a finger for the treatment of varicose veins. And not so much afraid of Varicose disease, as its complications: thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, bleeding from varicose veins and the most irreparable — blockage of the pulmonary artery thrombus to break away.

Third conclusion: if you do not do varicose veins in the early stages, the situation will only get worse. Required.

In short, the presence of varicose veins, even at an early stage, leaves no room for maneuver. And from that moment begins throwing patients who are trying to come to terms with the idea that they are in the prime of life threatening surgery. Not everyone is aware of the fact that there are non-surgical methods of getting rid ofvarices.

For example, such as sclerotherapy, which allows using special injections to "glue" and thus out of the game affected vein. This procedure, according to Igor, you can do even at lunchtime. The only circumstance complicates life: after a course of sclerotherapy for three weeks to wear a compression garment.

Another thing — varicose veins in the form of neglect, requiring surgical intervention. But even in this case the operation is possible, which allows to remove the vein through a very small incision.

One lucky, others not so much. The main reason for the appearance of varicose veins — a hereditary factor. Butsomething depends on us: we can bring varices own efforts. It is enough to perform a few simple steps:

  • Wear high heels, preferably 6 inches.
  • If you are an office worker — flop in a chair in the morning and did not get up out of it until the evening.
  • Always sitleg on foot.
  • If you have a "standing" profession — should stand stock-still at work, without pereminany from foot to foot, without rolling from heel to toe.
  • As often as possible visit the baths or saunas.
  • Get plenty of smoke.

But seriously. It is difficult to lead a life that is consistent with all the requirements of preventive, worse sedentary work can only be standing. Banal hormonal contraceptives may have an adverse effect on the veins. Excess weight to anything good does not. And yet: the one and only phlebological survey or catch the problem early on, or provide the peace of mind that you are in luck with the vessels.

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