China has shown a model of a new bomber

China has shown a model of a new bomber
In recent years, China is constantly publish information on their new developments in fighter planes, bombers but far not honored the same attention. Only a few days back the Chinese military said the ongoing modernization of bombers Xian H-6 (copy of Russian Tu-16). A certain number of these aircraft received the latest equipment, refreshed propulsion, etc. The available information does not allow accurate assessment of the potential bombers refreshed H-6K, but throws in the eye age of the aircraft. Basic Tu-16 was created back in the fifties of the last century that the best way affects the ability of all machines on its base. H-6 and require a substitution while China has no technique applicable for this.

Nedavneshnego time before all the information about Chinese projects distant bombers confined to a few small news and a fairly large publication on the development of a descent 2-promising aircraft: H-8 and H-10. On the days of the Chinese, and right behind them and the Western media have released a photo of a model of the new Chinese aircraft. Imprinted on her layout, presumably, was made in accordance with the new project. Title promising machine remains unknown. The same applies to the technical part of the project and the anticipated features of the new aircraft.

Currently available to professionals and people interested in aviation there is only one photo of a model, while not completely comfortable in perspective. Yet, and this image was sufficient for the appearance of several variants of the external appearance of the new aircraft. At the same time some of its relevant details in dark, and the available light. First, it is worth noting that the alleged bomber Chinese production far outside very reminiscent modern fighters made with the introduction of stealth technology. The outer surface consists of a bomber smoothly conjugate straight and curved surfaces.

Another couple of features appearance model compels remember South American fighter projects fifth generation. Vozduhopoglotiteli on the upper surface of the fuselage and tail characteristic, consisting of 2-inclined surfaces, reversing two decades have been used on an experimental aircraft Northrop / McDonnell Douglas YF-23 Black Widow II. But, despite such similarities, promising Chinese aircraft can not be called a copy of the South American. Chinese bomber will have a significantly huge size and equipped with swept wings.

No properties of aircraft has not been announced, but there are some estimates. So, at the forum «stealth machine» was expressed about the next version of the geometric data bombers length of about 30 meters and a wingspan of about 21 m At this size, it must have a takeoff weight of 50 tons and needs 2-engines with afterburner pull more than 15-17 thousand kgs. The desired load the aircraft, which can be estimated at 8-10 tonnes is expected to be placed in gruzootseke fuselage. Dimensions allow bombers fit inside the fuselage rather very long weapons bay. Of some schemes that its size can be up to 10×2, 5×1, 5 meters. But with such dimensions gruzootsekah able to take a huge part of the available capacity and do not quit the place for other parts of the structure, for example, for the fuselage fuel tanks.

Quite rapidly on Chinese Internet forums appeared guesswork and speculation concerning weapons. According to different versions, the inner and outer suspension may be placed missiles and bombs of various types, unmanaged and «smart.» In addition, to make judgments about the ability of equipment bomber missiles «air-air» for self-defense. For example, in one of the proposed options plane carrying three anti-ship missiles on the basis of Russian S-270 «Mosquito», four missiles «air-land» and 6 «air-air» medium and short range. Naturally, this is only speculation and real combat load promising bombers may differ materially from those described.

It should be noted, placing guns on the outer suspension significantly increment the ability to detect aircraft radars. In addition, information about a similar method of suspension of bombs and missiles on the new aircraft appeared a couple of years back and the true time could completely obsolete due to improvement project. Advanced concepts of combat aircraft in the current time of the alleged internal placement tools to reduce visibility. Judging by the general appearance of a promising Chinese bombers, for normal loads it will also carry all the weapons inside the fuselage and the outer suspension, if any, will be a means of growth in excess of the normal load.

China has shown a model of a new bomber

Huge issues causing aircraft propulsion. Fuselage and wing configuration can read about the ability of flight at supersonic speeds. In conjunction with the intended takeoff weight of about 50 tons of it allows you to make the appropriate conclusions about the relevant engines. Needed traction motors above 15,000 kgs. This power plant will allow promising bomber accelerate to supersonic speeds, but the current state does not allow Chinese Motors confidently talk about the fuel consumption and, as a consequence, the flight range. Most likely, the last parameter will not exceed 3.5-4 thousand kilometers, although the presence of quite Economy engines it can be higher.

Immediately with the probable technical view of the new Chinese aircraft discusses the political implications of such a project implementation. Even during combat radius of less than 2-thousand kilometers in radius bomber gets new act fairly large region around the countryside of China. Naturally, such range is not enough to deliver ammunition across the ocean, but in the current situation of stealth aircraft with modern equipment and weapons, and enough of it. So Makar, promising aircraft will be inventory pressure and containment aimed, first, at the small adjoining country.

Earlier, Chinese media published information according to which the new weapons will allow distant bombers destroy targets at ranges of up to 2.5-3 thousand miles from the trigger point. Such statements looked bold, but projects such missiles have long nowhere mentioned. From this we can conclude about the problems with the implementation of the respective projects or refusal from them. Either way, while it is not clear that China has aircraft missiles with a range of several thousand kilometers. If China can make ammunition with such features, it will be possible under attack and South American military bases on Guam peninsula.

Currently, a promising Chinese distant bomber — provided that such a project really exists — is one huge puzzle. All available data can be counted on the fingers, and the total number of substantiated speculation on this subject does not allow safe to install at least the approximate form of the aircraft. In such a situation can only build new theories, to think probable models and expect official information. And the only prerequisites for a new bomber will be ordinary and clear: China is in urgent need updating distant aircraft.

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