China has tested new missiles «air-air»

China has tested new missiles
According to preliminary data, one of the Chinese army brigades Kwangtung military neighborhood conducted tests new missiles «air-air» combat helicopters. So Makarov were successfully destroyed two targets potential enemy helicopters that were simulated. Chinese cars without the help of others found and identified the enemy. Then they spent the attack and killed them one hundred percent. With all this intense enemy helicopters maneuvered and tried in every way to escape defeat. Specialists noted that this was the first successful implementation of this type of missiles. According gunnery preceded by a long and stubborn training.

Missiles of this type allow fully gain dominance at the beginning of aerial combat with the enemy. This enables support of other aircraft and to ensure their safety on a small height. Company specializing creation missiles specially organized special courses for military professionals. With all of this specific missile itself integrated with helmet-mounted system for the pilot of the aircraft clear targeting. Specifically, the missile itself has an infrared homing head.

Unlike most European countries, Chinese troops are not equipped with their own helicopters MANPADS missiles because they feel strong enough to hit targets. Among other things they do not use the rocket aircraft type in the highest virtue of their mass. In this case, they use their missile development, most of which occupy an intermediate position between these types of missiles. All this allows the Chinese army helicopters feel confident enough in the air and most importantly, they offer the highest level of maneuverability.

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