China showed new export submarine

China showed new export submarine
Chinese shipbuilding company CSOC exhibition IDEX-2013 in the United Arab Emirates showed the model and revealed some technical properties of modern diesel-electric submarine S20, based on the project Type 041 (ordering NATO — «Yuan»). How soobschaetJane’s Jane’s, to reveal details of a brand new ship, the Chinese company was required due to stiff competition in the international market, especially from the Russian and German shipbuilding companies.

Length submarine S20 is 66 meters, width — eight meters, height — 8.2 meters. Surface displacement of the ship is 1,850 tons, and scuba — 2300 tons. The submarine is capable of speeds up to 18 knots, and the range of its course at a speed of 16 knots is eight thousand miles. The crew consists of 38 people S20; cruising ship is 60 days. Double-hulled submarine can dive to a depth of 300 meters. Unlike Type 041 submarines of the project to the Chinese Navy, S20 will not be equipped with airindependent power plant, although it can be ordered separately.

Chinese armed submarine sonar system with variable frequency sensing sonar intercept and intrinsic noise measurement system. In addition, the ship is able to produce a towed sonar. The ship is armed with torpedoes, mining systems, anti-ship missiles. Type of weapon CSOC did not specify, but announced that the buyer can additionally be supplied torpedoes, rocket-torpedoes and «anti-torpedo torpedoes.»

Submarines project Type 041 was developed in China in the first half of the 2000s. According to various reports, the true time in the interests of the Chinese Navy were built and floated seven or eight such submarines type. In total, the Chinese Navy want to adopt a very low 15 ships of project Type 041. Displacement of these submarines is four thousand tons with a length of 75 meters. Ships capable of speeds up to 20 knots. Type 041 armed with 2 three-tube torpedo tubes 533 mm and anti-ship missiles YJ-8X.

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