Cholera on the basics: For 15 cases, the discovery of the sea is delayed

For the holiday season on the Azov Sea are two news — good and bad. Good — yesterday have been discharged from hospital 11 patients with cholera, and another 6 patients are ready to leave home for a few days. All of the infection is treated 9 patients and 5 vibriocarrier. The bad news — June 14, found in another patient with cholera (thus, 15 cases of the disease). The last case — again because of the fish. According to Chief George Gusakova sanvracha Mariupol, the cause of the disease was still fished in the river May 25 Kalmius and then frozen in the refrigerator carp. Ate fish all the family, so this is the presence of vibrio cholera checked surroundings of the sick, and it is neither more nor less than six people.

Because of the insidious disease continues to "mow" the ranks of Mariupol, oblSES no hurry to repeal the ban on swimming in the sea along the coast in the area. Remain closed and even the beaches Pershotravneve Novoazovskiy areas where sea water samples showed no cholera vibrios. Clear deadlines for the opening of the season on the Azov doctors do not call. "Maybe lift the ban after take 10 days of discharge of the last patient," — said the "Today" George Gusakov. At the same time sanvrachi not hide that he is ready to lift the ban on swimming in the area of sandy beach in Mariupol, where bacteriological indicators of sea water is OK. This area — the cleanest in the city. There are plans to open the Left Bank and the beach, as soon as some of the comments will be removed SES working toilets on the coast.

In the meantime, the authorities reflect the opening of the season, opened it a rest for yourself. "We have a ticket to the second pension Melekino descent from June 13. We spit on everything and go — why did the money go to waste? Now sunbathing and swimming, and so it does. Immediately cholera was not! Only two pension empty, as well — the regular season, "- told" Today "Donchanka Natalia. People bathing at the beach even Mariupol — so far only on sand. "Not a lot of tourists, but people come here for the water" — shared mariupolchanin Vadim Novikov.

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