Clever Cat

November 29, 2012 0:56

Clever Cat

One day I was walking home from work. My route passed through the yards of houses, and in them, as usual, was walking home and yard a lot of cats.

One of them just sat on the edge of the pavement, and suddenly, he saw me, jumped up and ran across my path. I'm not superstitious, but still frustrating when you have the nose of a cat running across the road. I caught up with the fast pace and it went around, trying to get closer to home. After going a little further, looked around and said:

— Well, I fooled you?

And what do you think? Cat, without hesitation, jumped up, overtook me and deliberately ran across my path. I went on, but the cat again crossed my path.

Then another and another … and so on for the way along the two long five-story building. At the same time, she looked at me defiantly. It got to the turn and stopped, laughed and said:

— Come on, your took. Go home, and that there is more dangerous — cars.

The cat stopped to let me back and stood up as long as I turned the corner. After a while, I looked out of the corner.
The cat came back to the house carrying his tail.

Clever Cat
And here's another funny story. We lived in a factory cat named Musya — British rock with a beautiful silvery gray thick fur, which glistened in the sun and really like silver. During the day we fed her and shared with her their lunch, after which she was sleeping peacefully in our accounting department. At the end of the day it released to the shop: it catches mice, it does not eat them, and neatly folded at the stairs leading to our second floor.
One day we forgot to release Moussya the shop — it was closed for the night in the office. And it was on Friday, ahead of two whole days off!
Before anyone came to work our boss. On Monday morning, still climbing the stairs, he heard a phone call in his office. Came in, picked it up, and out came the heartbreaking: "Meow-oo-oo!" Here on the unit lights up that call from the accounting department.
The chief was a device that provides internal communication with all parts, in this case, to get through to him, it was necessary not to dial, and just push the button.
It is good that the boss had the keys to all the rooms. He hurried to the door of accounting, and barely opened it as a bullet flew out to meet him, our Musia. Probably the cat saw people talking into the phone, and She decided to do the same.
Even more surprising is the fact, as in the days of captivity Musya defecate. She took off the windowsill flower pot crashed and crumbled ground it carefully all buried. In general, our boss for a long time then recalled how Musya called him on the phone.

Nina Petrovna Vinnichenko

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